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Clever interior design tricks

I guess each of us once experienced a sense of being lost in someone else's apartment, especially the kitchen or bathroom. Why is this happening? Because every home and every family develops their own habits to organize their home space. Even when initially required, the users get used to the existing logistics, move around the house mechanically and don't analyse the order unless something suddenly changes…

However, you can adapt your house or apartment to make it friendly for both the household and your guests! Our clever and practical methods will help you to make your interiors exceptionally friendly and at the same time aesthetic!

Clear lines of communication

Since childhood we learn that we walk and drive on the right side, priority is given to the person leaving before entering, we also walk on the stairs on the right side, in the kitchen we install doors that open outwards, etc. Why so restrictive? For safety. Traffic routes are an important element of the logistics of moving in public space, but, contrary to appearances, also at home. That is why, when organizing the space of a home fireplace, we should also keep the passageways simple and undisturbed by any furniture. Sometimes it is very difficult, especially in small flats, but always make sure that these most important routes at home are free of obstacles. So don't put an armchair near the door or an excess of shoe cupboards in the hallway. Haste will make them dangerous obstacles for us.

How to organize such an orderly space in individual rooms?


Although this is a private zone, and as a rule nobody else looks here, we cannot overlook it in organizing the space. All metal baskets, chests of drawers and chests of drawers are perfect here. The fewer things on top, the more cosy and tidy the bedroom - and consequently, the head and thoughts. The tidy one also favours relaxation and rest, which we should appreciate, especially in the bedroom.


Bathroom rituals are governed by their laws. When we have everything at hand, they take less time, so that we can slow down the bathroom to the rest of the household. It is in the bathroom that we usually keep a first aid kit and other hygienic accessories. It is worth to segregate and describe them so that no one has any doubts what is inside the box or organizer!


This is probably the hardest space to clean up! So let's try not to clutter the countertops. This is a place to work, make sandwiches and ingredients for dinner. There may be cutting boards, knives and spices in its vicinity. Closer to the tap, let's put the drainer on the cutlery, and in the sink you'll need an organiser for dishwashing accessories. And the spices? They are often our biggest problem. The lack of segregation will result in chaos that can't be tamed, so it's best if you pour them into jars or boxes and describe them, for example with clever adhesive labels!

Everything to clean up... together

Regardless of the size of the apartment, it is worth to try to organize the space in such a way that all objects used for cleaning and tidying up the apartment are concentrated in one place. Ideally, you should have at least the smallest possible space to place vacuum cleaners, brushes, ironing boards, all supplies of cloths and cloths and cleaning products there. It's also worth putting supplies of pet food and even a washing machine in there. This way, gathering all the tools in one place will reduce chaos in other rooms and as a bonus we will get no excuses for the rest of the family not knowing where the vacuum cleaner is this time.

Dry-erase and chalky labels to organize the kitchen space

Everyone who loves to cook understands what it means when food ingredients start piling up in the kitchen. This is especially true for gourmets, for whom everyday cooking for the family is a real pleasure. They usually gather various types of products, spices and additives in the kitchen, which are used up slowly to match more and more fancy dishes. Such kitchens need particularly well thought-out logistics and good space organisation. Dry-erase and chalky labels, self-adhesive labels and labels of various shapes will help. Simply touch them into a jar, container or box and they immediately stick to it. It's easy to write the product name on their surface and even easier to wipe and replace. This way, no kitchen user will confuse products and spoil the food. The labels play an excellent role in labelling winter products or in organising the cellar space. It is a practical way to maintain order and above all food safety.

Lighted paths in the kitchen and bathroom

Multi-generational families living in the same apartment or house must use wise tricks to ensure comfort and safety for all users. One of them is the right lighting, especially important for the elderly who use the bathroom at night, or for those who eat at night. It is for them that LED lighting is installed in skirting boards or kitchen furniture pedestals. Small lamps provide a safe route to the bathroom and kitchen at night, additionally using colourful lights they create a charming atmosphere of the interior.

Uniform floor - uniform space

One of the interesting tricks for organizing home space, especially in small flats, is to use one characteristic floor in the whole apartment. This easily gives the impression of open and concentrated space. By opening the doors to each room, the floor will be eye-catching and optically connect every meter of the apartment. In this way, the boundaries of the rooms are blurred while maintaining their separate functionality.

Skillful organization of living space is an art that is worth getting acquainted with and, if possible, implemented in such a way as to raise both aesthetics and functionality to a higher level!

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