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Interior design trends 2021

A few days ago, we welcomed the new year - 2021. Everyone is hoping for many changes and that the coming months will be much better than the previous ones. The new year also means new trends in interior design, which can be extremely important, as many people decide to renovate their homes during this period! New resolutions, desires and needs emerge particularly clearly in January. There is always a perfect opportunity to add a trendy accessory to your flat, change the colour of walls or completely redecorate your four walls. So it is worth not only getting inspired, but also to change your interior in a modern way! So what trends will prevail in 2021? Interior trends in 2021 will be inspired by the desire to escape from the contemporary, real world, and will symbolise man's desire to return to nature. Sounds interesting? Then we invite you to read on!

What trends will we love in 2021?

1. Interiors in modern - classic style

2. Japandi - an innovative combination of Japanese and Scandinavian styles

3. Pastels, cool grey tones - the trendiest wall colours

4. Personalisation of space

5. Practicality and functionality - always in!

6. The detail matters!

Interiors in modern - classic style

Let's start with interior style. The year 2021 will not be a revolution, but we can safely call it an evolution. This means that interiors will no longer feature a mix of glamour, classic or frivolous boho styles. The interiors of 2021 are, above all, spaces to which one wants to return after a hard day at work, and also to relax with pleasure. The trends of the new year therefore turn to the modern-classic style, and also move away from the loft style, which was a real hit last year. In a way, modern classic refers to the minimalist style, as it moves away from flashy accessories and decorations, as well as excessive mixing of colours, materials and textures. There's no denying that most of us dream of a modernist interior, but still want to keep a touch of elegance and classics. The year 2021 also means a turn towards ecological trends, which are gaining more and more followers. However, this will definitely not be the dominant theme. House and flat owners want to create a friendly and warm atmosphere in their interiors while retaining originality and modernity, and this is exactly what the modern-classic style, which will definitely conquer this year, can do!

Japandi - an innovative combination of Japanese and Scandinavian styles

Japandi is something that has never been seen before! Combination of Scandinavian style (which we have been loving for many years now!) with minimalistic Japanese style is a real novelty in the subject of interior inspirations. Interiors arranged in Japandi style combine cosiness with harmony and functionality. There are no unnecessary trinkets, they encourage reflection and are conducive to rest - relaxing and calming.

Pastels, cool grey tones - the trendiest wall colours

To write that beige and grey will be the dominant colours is like writing nothing at all. These colours interweave in practically every style and always go well together. However, if we were hoping for a colour revolution this year, we may be disappointed. Cool and pastel colours will still dominate, but they will be complemented by colour accents a few tones darker than the base colour. The modern-classic style is dominated by beige, so it should come as no surprise, to use it as a base colour. However, in the case of furniture and its coverings, we can confidently bet on slightly bolder colours, such as cool green or deep blue. This year it's also worth betting on everlasting pastels, such as pink or mint!

Personalisation of space

The year 2021 is the perfect time to focus on complete personalisation and an individual approach to the topic of interior design. Don't be afraid of change - this time it's all about original colours, solutions and decorations. How to take care of them? If you'd like to give your four corners of the house a bit of a personal touch and character, you'll love personalised decorations - both on the walls and in practical applications! Create a unique and one-of-a-kind wallpapers with photos of your family, your favourite pets or photographs of your favourite places! In the same way, you can also create personalised stickers , chalkboards and posters with individual prints , which will effortlessly add variety to your living spaces!

Practicality and functionality - always in!

There's no denying that the year we recently said goodbye to changed our lives considerably, and forced us to spend most of our time in our own flat. This may have caused us to notice a lot of shortcomings and deficiencies in our interiors. Nowadays, the duty of home office has fallen on us, and although we firmly believe that we will soon return to normality, some habits will remain the same. Therefore, with the arrival of the new year, a huge emphasis on functionality and proper space arrangement has crept into interiors. We should create a suitable space, thanks to which working from home will take place in comfortable conditions. A desk, which most of us didn't need, and a comfortable chair, which will help us spend that time in comfort, are back in favour. This year we focus not only on fashion in interiors, but above all on their functionality.

The detail matters!

It is actually difficult to give a definite answer to this question. Everything depends on what kind of atmosphere is to prevail in our flat, as well as on our individual preferences. It is therefore futile to write that furniture made of bamboo or rattan will be the hit of 2021. Of course, it's also important that the additions are tailored to our taste and aesthetics as much as possible. So what can we consider to be the leading interior accessories in 2012? We will certainly see a shift towards wooden accessories, as well as creative wallpapers with interesting motifs and accents. Remember, however, that the whole thing must create a coherent and harmonious order with the rest of the interior!

What else will change in interior design this year?

There's no denying that 2021 is the year of change in all aspects of our lives. Not surprisingly, many of these changes have also affected interior design trends. This year, as we could already see at the end of the previous year, the leading trend will be to create an asylum and safe haven in our own home. It is supposed to be a place where we can calm down and cut off from the surrounding reality. That's why it's worth focusing on furnishing your loggia or winter balcony, so that you can spend evenings there, accompanied by your favourite music or a book. Ideally, such a balcony should be glazed and closed so that you can enjoy it not only in summer, but also in winter. But if this is not possible, we should still take care to arrange it properly!

As you can see for yourself - the trends of 2021 have brought many novelties. It is worth using the above inspirations to enjoy cosy and fashionable interiors!

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