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How to stylishly and functionally arrange a small apartment - clever tricks

Stylish and functional furnishing of small spaces requires cleverness and ingenuity. It might seem that the larger the area, the more work and commitment you need to put into its arrangement. However, it turns out that it is small apartments that require the greatest creativity. It is not easy to arrange the interior in such a way that it is beautiful and stylish, yet comfortable and functional. Fortunately there is a large group of enthusiasts of design challenges, who are willing to share ideas and suggest clever tricks. Here are some of the most interesting proposals!

Optical enlargement of space - clever tricks for small apartments

Probably each of us has heard about the "magic" of optical illusions. Optical tricks are often used by fashion stylists, who can dress a person in such a way as to cover up all the flaws of his figure. On a similar principle work interior decorators, who use certain elements of decor to make the apartment seem much larger than it really is.

Bright and pastel colors. Take advantage of them!

The greatest allies of the optical enlargement of space are bright colors and natural light. Of course, there is quite a set of tricks, thanks to which we can slightly deceive the sense of sight, but the first and key issue when decorating the apartment is the choice of floor and wall color. At this stage, it is worth letting go of all kinds of heavy and overwhelming shades, which are absolutely not suitable for small rooms. It is better to bet on cooler, light colors in shades of gray, beige or pastels.

Wallpapers, mirrors - a quick way to enlarge any space

To make a room seem much larger than it really is, you can add extra depth to it by using pictures and mirrors. Surely, many people know the old and proven trick of hanging a spacious mirror over the sofa or other key place. The task of such a mirror is to correct any disproportions and create a kind of optical illusion, thanks to which the whole room will seem more spacious. Another interesting solution is to hang the mirror in such a way that from its surface reflected the natural light of sunlight, which "spills over" the rest of the room.

A great solution to optically enlarge the space is also to use creative wallpapers. Especially well suited are those proposals, which can add additional depth to the space - that is, all compositions with streets, postcards and also winding roads.

Separation of functional areas

The key issue in arranging a small space is not only to achieve the effect of a stylish and fashionable interior, but also to maintain the functionality of the entire apartment. It often happens that it is necessary to arrange a bedroom, living room and office in one room. And although it is not impossible, it requires considerable creativity. If we are in a similar situation and we have a small space where we have to organize our entire life, both private and professional, it is worth starting from the separation of certain functional zones.

For example, if we want to organize an office for remote work in a room, which is generally a living room, functional and non-invasive elements, which successfully serve as a kind of movable walls, will help. Such a "wall" can be, for example, a bookcase on wheels, which in addition to separating the relaxation zone from the office zone, is a functional piece of furniture, on which you can put books or decorative elements. When decorating a home mini-office, various types of dry-erase boards will also work fantastically - both self-adhesive and magnetic ones, as well as those with a practical print. Not only will they give the interior additional functionality, but they will also not take up any extra space!

Decorating small spaces can be especially difficult for families with young children. It can be difficult to organize the space in a way that prevents them from having to collect toys all over the apartment. In this case, having a separate play area for children seems like a good idea. Besides, children like to have their own private play zone, a "base" to which only selected people have access. Separating such a zone will surely bring benefits to all members of the household. Chalkboards may prove to be helpful in this matter, as they can be placed in the children's corners and will completely help to personalize the private space of our kids.

Functional furniture - an ally of small apartments

Furniture manufacturers outdo each other with newer and newer ideas on how to make the proposed furniture, in addition to its aesthetic qualities, as functional as possible. The result of the work of designers are the so-called multifunctional furniture. No one needs to be explained the essence of multifunctional furniture, which is contained in the name itself. Having a small space to arrange the private area in the apartment, it is a great idea to choose a bed, which in addition to sleeping function, is equipped with many hidden drawers and containers, where you can store bedding, clothes and all kinds of trinkets.

Another interesting piece of furniture, which offers many different functions, is the already mentioned bookcase on wheels, which in addition to being able to accommodate a really large number of books and other items, is also used as a piece of furniture separating different zones of the apartment. In general, furniture on wheels, not only bookcases, but also all kinds of cabinets and chests of drawers, are a great solution for people who, for example, by spreading out the sofa every evening turn the common area into a bedroom. It often happens that such an undertaking requires a little rearranging every day, which is certainly not good for our floor or our neighbors. Furniture on wheels is therefore the perfect way to be able to transform a space quickly and effortlessly. Multifunctional furniture for kids is similarly popular among families with children. They combine a bed, a desk, cabinets for books and clothes, as well as little private nooks loved by children where they can indulge in carefree play. The advantage of such multifunctional furniture for kids is that it's relatively easy to keep it neat and tidy.

Decorating a small space is not an easy task. Nevertheless, by applying a few of the listed tricks, it is easy to turn a small apartment into a stylish and functional place, which skilfully arranged, may give the impression of being much larger than it really is. The key to success is, in addition to all these clever solutions, designer minimalism. However, it is not about getting rid of all trinkets and souvenirs at once, but about displaying them skillfully!

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