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Wall stickers - arrangements that inspire. About how easily you can transform your interior

Making changes in the apartment is very often associated with the need to spend a lot of money, as well as spend a lot of time to carry out the renovation. We are sure that you, like us, appreciate innovative and simple solutions that do not require a lot of commitment, and the effect is equally amazing. If you don't quite have an idea for your interior, we have something for you, among others, wall stickers. The arrangements we have prepared are a solid dose of inspiration and ideas. Stay with us until the end and find out what works and where.

Wall stickers - a gallery of their advantages and valuable features

The lack of decoration in a room makes it a bit cold and not very cozy, but too many accessories can lead to over-saturation and overwhelm. This is why it is so important to maintain balance and equilibrium in everything. By opting for wall stickers, arrangements can be stripped of other numerous decorations. Take our word for it or check it out for yourself, that decor designed this way will be a great solution.

  • A wide selection

    One of the most important advantages of wall stickers is, first of all, their wide selection. It is so widely used that we can easily choose the motif that interests us most. The most common are those illustrating: plants, fairy tale characters, animals, lettering and abstract designs.

    Tree sticker 1104

    Tree sticker 1104 is made of high-quality self-adhesive film, which gives the interior an extremely striking finish.

  • Easy to install

    You do not need to be a professional to handle the installation of a wall decal yourself. Arrangements that will delight the eye can be achieved in a short time and without the use of specialized tools.

  • A quick way to make changes

    For example, if you want to make floral motifs reign supreme in your interior at a given time, there is nothing to prevent you from changing the design and choosing a slightly different theme in the future. You are able to remove the wall stickers without causing damage, so you can just as easily replace them and experiment with decorations.

    Cactus 2551 sticker

    Cactus 2551 sticker is  A minimalist design that you can easily place on your wall, without any help from anyone.

Wall stickers - arrangements made with furniture. All about how to design a wall

When planning the placement of wall decorations, it is worth considering what kind of furniture we have in the room. Although wall stickers most often complement arrangements of empty walls, another idea that is interesting and recommendable is to place them, for example, above a chest of drawers, next to a bookshelf or right next to a desk. It all depends on the style in which the apartment was decorated and the free space on the walls. If all the details of the room will form a common integral whole, then it will certainly also not lack harmony and an atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

Another idea is to use a sticker as an element that separates the different zones of the interior. For example, if in your apartment the main role is played by an open space that connects the kitchen with the dining room, you can reach for a design that will, in a sense, emphasize the existence of two separate rooms whose functions are slightly different.

Sticker 03x 22 tree 1933

Sticker 03x 22 tree 1933 is a product that will make spending time at the family table even more pleasant. Placing the pattern just above the furniture will give the interior an extremely cozy atmosphere.

In which room will wall stickers work best - arrangements and some interesting ideas

Which motif is the best choice depends primarily on our tastes, the style used in the interior, as well as the nature of the room in which it is to be placed. So, it's time to get to the point and give some examples of wall stickers and arrangements that can be created with them.

  • Living room

    Without a doubt, one of the rooms in which we spend most of our free time is the living room. It is where we develop our interests, read books or watch our favorite TV series. To make everything run in an even nicer atmosphere, we need to pay attention to interior design. For such situations, we recommend something universal. A good idea would be to use a floral pattern.

    Decorative sticker floral motif 2120

    Decorative sticker floral motif 2120 is one of the examples of the most versatile and safe designs, suitable for almost any arrangement.

  • Dining room

    A wide variety of topics are discussed at the family table, and it is the place where the whole family meets and enjoys the time spent together. For this reason, the wall where the furniture is placed is an ideal place to draw inspiration from motivational quotes or phrases. Wouldn't it be nice every day to read something that encourages action?

    Sticker don't give up on your dreams 1959

    Sticker don't give up on your dreams 1959 is a great example of an inspirational phrase that drives confidence in one's abilities.

  • Bedroom

    When choosing a wall sticker design for the bedroom, it is worth bearing in mind that we will look at it every day - just after waking up, as well as before going to bed. This room is, in a sense, our oasis of peace, where we can calm down, relax and be alone with ourselves. At such moments, too, stickers with words, as well as those with abstract and floral motifs, work well.

    Reach for the stars 2505 sticker

    Reach for the stars 2505 sticker.

  • Kids room

    Every parent knows that his or her child feels safest in his or her own room, and this is where he or she spends the most time while studying or playing. This particular space is one of the rooms that should gush with joy, colors as well as positive energy. To stimulate the creativity and imagination of the toddler, it is worth choosing fairy tale wall stickers - the arrangement will certainly appeal to him.

    Wall stickers set of animals 2464

    Wall stickers set of animals 2464 is a great gift idea for a little lover of four-legged friends.

  • Teenager's room

As we grow older, our tastes and interests change, certainly no teenager will want his room decorated with colorful teddy bears or toys. This is a perfect example confirming that thanks to the ease of installation and removal of wall stickers, we can make metamorphoses according to our needs. For girls we recommend flower and abstract motifs, while for boys something related to games or sports.

Game over 2495 sticker

Game over 2495 sticker, any passionate gamer will be pleased with such a form of decoration.

About where to look for other inspiration - Wallyboards wall stickers and arrangements

We hope that after looking through the suggestions we have prepared, you have found something that has inspired you at least a little. The good news is that the above examples of the assortment are just a small part of what we actually have to offer. If you want to check out the rest of our solutions, be sure to check out our Wallyboards wall decor store, where in addition to wall stickers and photos of sample arrangements, you'll also find plenty of other add-ons such as 3D wall murals and door murals.

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