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Custom printed boards

Do you think traditional boards are a thing of the past? So do we, which is why we have created a perfect alternative for them! You can buy our modern whiteboards in many variants to choose from, you also have the possibility to personalize them according to your needs. Our whiteboards and chalkboards with their own printing give you the freedom to realize your own idea whether you plan to create a family planner, a restaurant menu or a food truck. See where and how you can use them!

Chalkboards for gastronomy

Gastronomy is an industry in which our boards will certainly find a whole range of uses. Chalkboards, which are popular in restaurants, will be particularly useful here and will add character to any menu or special offer. They will inform your customers about offers of the day, new menu items or share a motivating quotation, perfect for a morning espresso. In our offer we have both self-adhesive boards as well as those stiffened with PCV , so you can easily choose a product perfectly suited to your needs!

Whiteboards for the office and conference room

No office or conference room can do without the excellent quality of a dry-erase board. In addition to customized products and with individual printing, we also make lean boards used in production, warehouses or on the back of companies. Whiteboards are easy to keep clean and writing after them is pure pleasure!

Printed chalkboards and whiteboards

Our chalkboard and dry-erase boards can be printed on their entire surface without losing their excellent surface properties. They are made of high quality materials which guarantee resistance even during the most intensive use.

You can send us a finished project, we can also design it especially for you and your company!

What is interesting to know about our boards?

  • You can choose any color, print and size of the board.
  • We offer different material versions:
    • ultra thin - self-adhesive with a thickness of 0.2 mm,
    • on PCV substrate - thickness 5 mm combined with modern design,
    • magnetic version - to be placed on metal surfaces - walls, shelves, cases,
    • in aluminum frames - minimalism combined with classic elegance.
  • We offer special boards which are suitable for use on production lines with high purity and disinfection standards.
  • Boards can be glossy or matt.

Check the offer of our chalkboards and whiteboards and enjoy their excellent quality and comfort of use!

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