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A-frame chalkboard signs

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A chalk stamper of larger or smaller size is a gadget that will come in handy in any restaurant, cafe or other catering establishment, as well as in stores and market stands. Aesthetically pleasing and practical, a chalkboard stamper allows you to present menus and promotional offers that change frequently, all in a very attractive form. However, as manufacturers, we have gone a step further and prepared for our customers an offer of chalkboard stumblers that are sure to work well for their businesses. Be sure to check out what we can offer you!

Chalk stands for gastronomy

The place where we can most often meet stands are restaurants, for which this form of advertising is extremely beneficial. How many times have you ever met a stand made you feel better with a funny text or made you go inside? Certainly not once! A properly written menu, offer of the day or a nice word - or maybe even a funny puzzle for customers is an additional attraction or a bonus that can encourage you to use the services of your restaurant, café or beach bar.

Advantages of chalk stands

Our chalk advertising stands are lightweight and easy to move and fold. A fixed chain prevents excessive chain folding, which makes them stable and comfortable during use. The stands have frames and legs made of natural wood with high durability which makes them sure to serve you for a long time. The writing surface is made of lacquer-coated HDF. Each offered stand is double-sided.

You can write on our stands using soft school chalk or specially adapted chalk markers. When you get bored or out of date, simply wash the chalk surface with a damp sponge or cloth and the stand is ready to use again!

Research shows that setting up the stands in front of the store is one of the best ways to get potential customers from people passing by. Their advantage is the small amount of space they occupy, but also lightness and mobility, so they can stand in a different place every day, always with a new advertising offer.

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