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Individual chalkboards

Are you looking for the perfect chalkboard for your apartment or business? You have already searched thousands of offers, but still haven't found a product that satisfies you? We have the perfect solution for you! Thanks to the fact that we are a manufacturer of our boards, we can create for you an individual product, tailor-made for you! Are you creative and you are not satisfied with standard chalkboards? Especially for you, we can personalize every product you order! Choose the shape, size, substrate and possible print and enjoy the unique, one-of-a-kind board. Check what we can offer you and where you will use our products!

Chalkboards with individual printing

Chalkboards are objects that are extremely popular in offices, offices, creative studios, restaurants but also in ordinary houses. They are often used for quick notes, they can also effectively expose the menu of your restaurant or inform about current promotions. The possibility of personalized printing on their surface is also a real treat for all companies that use our boards as practical advertising accessories!

On the surface of the board you choose, we can print your company's logo, advertising slogan, permanent offer, menu and everything else you dream of! Additionally, you can choose an individual size, shape, substrate variant and colour scheme. This allows you to get a completely personalized product, perfectly tailored to your needs!

How will you use our personalized chalkboards?

Individual chalkboards offered by us are a combination of the highest quality workmanship and excellent aesthetics. Thanks to this they keep their qualities for years, all the time looking perfect. Use them wherever you would like to improve the flow of information and also want to add an interesting decorative element that will attract the eyes of guests and customers!

What does your dream chalkboard look like? We look forward to hearing from you!

Over 30 thousand satisfied customers
Over 30 thousand satisfied customers
You buy directly from the manufacturer
You buy from the manufacturer
We ship to all EU countries
We ship to all EU countries
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