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Flipcharts are exceptionally functional and universal conference devices. They are perfect for all those places where you often hold conferences, trainings or lectures. Did you know that flipchart is one of the most popular office equipment? No wonder, their versatility and comfort of use makes a flipchart, once used, an inseparable part of your work! Professional and the most practical flipcharts are actually compact boards with a dry-erase surface, which can also be used as a frame for sheets of paper. The exceptional functionality, ease of handling and lightness of flipcharts make virtually every one of them adorn their use depending on their needs and expectations. Check out what flipcharts you can find in Wallyboards online shop and find out where you can use them!

What is a flipchart? Application

Comfortable, light and practical flipcharts are an inseparable element of every conference room and office. How do they work and how can you use them? Flipcharts give you the possibility to write on their surface with dry-erase markers , they also allow you to fix special sheets of paper on them. Additionally, our flipcharts have magnetic properties, thanks to which you can make your notes more attractive by means of notes or graphics clipped with magnets. Choose the right flipchart for your office and enjoy the convenience of taking notes and holding meetings! But our flipcharts are not only suitable for the office! You can also use them in school, college or even student's room. They will stimulate real creativity and give you a practical space to take notes and learn. Take notes, draw charts, make calculations - our flipchart will take any amount of knowledge and information!

The flipchart board consists of a rack, a presentation block and a dry-erase board. The term flipchart is borrowed from English and is a combination of the words flip over and chart. The most extensive versions also have special containers for accessories, built-in rulers or folding arms for additional sheets of paper, which will make your work easier and faster, limiting the search for magnets, markers or other necessary accessories. You also have a choice of flipchart boards on practical wheels. This is perfect if you know that this tool will often be moved from place to place. In addition to our flipcharts, we offer a range of useful accessories that will not only make your work easier but also more organised!

Flipcharts - online shop

The offer of Wallyboards online shop includes both traditional flipcharts and dry-erase magnetic flipcharts. Available in various variants and sizes they are also characterized by attractive price and high functionality. The flipchart board is a perfect solution for all places where there is a need for an efficient flow of information, knowledge and good organization of work and time.

Don't you know which flipchart is best for your company, office or conference room? We will be happy to help you choose the right product and make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchases in our shop. We are at your disposal!

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