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Flipchart is one of the most popular office equipment. Lightweight, easy to carry, yet practical, it has become a frequent feature of any conference room. Necessary for training courses, meetings, conferences, extremely useful also in conducting all imaginative brainstorming. Flipcharts are an extremely versatile solution in places where there is a need for creativity!

Flipcharts offer the possibility of writing with dry-abrasive markers on their dry-abrasive surface, or special sheets of paper can be attached to them. A nice advantage is their magnetism, which allows for a more interesting presentation with the use of magnets. Thanks to them you can attach to the flipchart all the notes and materials you need. The most extended versions also have special accessories containers fitted to the frame, built-in rulers or folding arms for additional sheets of paper, which will make your work easier and faster, limiting the search for magnets, markers or other necessary accessories.

Flipchart will also work well in training rooms, where it can replace a heavy, traditional board. Check out our solutions and enjoy a comfortable and practical product at home, too.

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