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You're overwhelmed by a mass of single notes that get lost all the time? Maybe it would be a good idea to get them together in one place and make them easy and fast to access? There is no more suitable place for them than a board made of natural cork!

Corkboard for home and office

We guess each of us once used a corkboard - pinning photos, posters, paper souvenirs or cards with our favourite quotes to it. So the corkboard has always had two functions - practical, but also aesthetic. That is why our corkboard is perfect for schools, offices and private spaces. The surface of the product made of high quality natural cork ensures the possibility of multiple clipping of pins without any damage. It is a very simple and practical solution!

Corkboard in the student's room

A new semester schedule, a reminder of the exams and homework, but also a nice note from a classmate? There's room for it all on the corkboard! Hang it over your student's desk and you'll make a great command center with it. The board will be essential not only during the school year! During the holidays your child will pin all its precious souvenirs on the board, so that every glance at the board will bring back nice memories!

Corkboard for the office and home office

It is an ideal solution for anyone who appreciates convenience, practicality and effective information flow. Clip on the board's surface to remind you of upcoming payment deadlines, future projects or phone calls to be made, and you will never forget about any important issue or event!

Some ideas for using the corkboard

  • Put it in an office where colleagues can communicate with you with short notes.
  • Attach all important information and tips for the rest of your household. Don't forget to visit the dentist or meet at school!
  • Think of it as a place for small souvenirs, photos and pictures and place it in the centre of the house, where it will remind you of nice moments every time.

Choose from corkboards in different frames and sizes!

Over 30 thousand satisfied customers
Over 30 thousand satisfied customers
You buy directly from the manufacturer
You buy from the manufacturer
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We ship to all EU countries
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