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Prohibition signs stickers

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Health and safety markings play a very important role in communicating prohibited activities both in the workplace and in public spaces. To help you understand the rules of the place, we have developed a range of health and safety stickers and magnets that are sure to help you organise a safe workplace. Check out the signs we can offer you and use them wherever you want to ensure safety and comfort, both for yourself and your employees and customers!

Health and safety stickers - prohibition signs

Prohibition signs are one of the most important signs that we can encounter when working in production halls, warehouses, but also during our everyday life - in hotels, shopping malls and all public spaces.

The markings we offer are both general bans on entry, entry, information about the ban on alcohol or throwing away waste, but also more specialised proposals that you will use in your work area and warehouse - a ban on open fire, information about working at height or a ban on the use of machines by unauthorized persons.

Safety and health signs of prohibition - highest quality

All our prohibition health and safety stickers are made from excellent quality materials that adhere perfectly to flat surfaces. This allows you to stick them not only on walls but also on metal, glass and plastic surfaces. This creates an infinite array of possibilities for their use!

In addition, our health and safety products are completely weatherproof. They do not fade and do not fade even under prolonged exposure to sunlight, moisture and frequent temperature changes. All this thanks to lamination, which in addition to protecting against difficult weather conditions protects the stickers from minor scratches and mechanical damage.

Take care of safety and organization of work with our safety stickers!

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