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Prohibition signs

Health and safety signs are important in conveying information about forbidden and dangerous activities. Find out what ban signs in the form of practical PVC boards we can offer you and use them wherever you want to maximise your safety!

Signs of prohibition - Health and safety

Prohibition signs are one of the most important markings that will help us to maintain proper safety both in the workplace and in public spaces.

Where will you use our health and safety boards?

  • In production halls, warehouses, company backstage. In these places, plates informing about the ban on unauthorized access, the ban on storing flammable and explosive materials and the ban on using open fire will prove particularly useful.
  • In hotels, shopping centres, cinemas and all public spaces. Use health and safety boards that prohibit smoking, throwing away or entering.
  • On construction sites and in renovation companies. In such places, information about ongoing work, activities at high altitudes, a ban on passing through or being within the reach of dangerous machines, such as a crane, will certainly prove useful.
  • On streets, car parks and at exits, gates. Use our signs that indicate a ban on unauthorized entry, passage or parking.

Practical health and safety boards

All our health and safety boards are made from excellent quality materials. Foamed PVC guarantees the rigidity of the product and resistance to minor mechanical damage, while the print made with the use of modern printing technology does not fade and retains its aesthetic qualities for many years. The board can be installed both inside and outside buildings - it is completely resistant to weather conditions! Thanks to that you can use it both in production rooms, warehouses, but also in parking areas, streets and parks!

Check our offer of practical health and safety signs and take care of safety!

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Over 35 thousand satisfied customers
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We ship to all EU countries
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