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Technical installations signs

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What is the most important aspect you should take care of in your company? Security. It is particularly important in places where employees come into daily contact with technical installations which, when used improperly, can cause a number of risks and dangers. The use of health and safety signs in such places is governed by Polish law and health and safety regulations. Especially for construction, production and renovation companies, we have prepared a wide range of health and safety boards, which will prove useful in marking technical installations. Check what we can offer you!

Health and safety boards - marking of technical installations

Minimise the risk of accidents at your workplace with our safety signs. We offer both warning, information and injunction signs. They mark individual machines, valves and switches to make your work more organised, making it easier for new and experienced workers alike.

Particularly important in the workplace with technical installations will be high voltage information boards. Their proper visibility will increase safety at work and minimize some dangerous accidents and incidents.

Health and Safety boards - where will you use them?

Our health and safety boards are made with the use of modern production technologies, thanks to which they are resistant to difficult weather conditions such as humidity, high sunlight and frequent temperature changes. You can use them both inside and outside buildings. We guarantee that the board will not lose its properties and the print will look perfect even after a long time.

Keep your employees safe with our practical safety boards!

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