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Coronavirus (COVID-19) protective gear + signs

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The current situation at the country and in the world makes it necessary to take care of our health more than usual. The coronavirus that causes COVID -19 is a rapidly spreading virus that can infect any of us. You should know how to protect yourself from it!

Magnetic Frame A4 Different ColoursSee more details

Magnetic Frame A4 Different Colours

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Poster How To Prevent InfectionSee more details

Poster How To Prevent Infection

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OWZ FrameSee more details

OWZ Frame

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Magnetic Pocket A4See more details

Magnetic Pocket A4

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How to minimise the risk of coronavirus infection?

Careful adherence to the principles established by the World Health Organization (WHO) is the most important step in preventing the spread of coronavirus. So what can we do to make sure we are as safe as possible? First of all, it is necessary to ensure proper protection by frequent washing and disinfection of hands and everyday objects, limiting going outdoors and contact with other people. Unfortunately, in the turmoil of everyday life, it is easy for us to forget about the rules, which are, after all, essential for maintaining health! To meet all those who would like to maximize their own, their employees' and customers' safety even further, we offer a whole range of protective products. See what we can offer you!

What materials to help in the fight against coronavirus you will find in our offer?

Boards, stickers and magnets to fight the coronavirus

The products offered by us will prove to be useful wherever there is a need to remind about the rules. Thanks to them you can mark the interior of a supermarket, office, medical facility and any other public utility and commercial space. Both stickers, magnets and boards are resistant to weather conditions, so you can use them both inside and outside!

Posters and frames - coronavirus

Hang our posters in the workplace and in public spaces to remind your employees and customers of the rules!

Protective visors and covers

With a visor and a protective cover, you will create a safe space for your employees to limit the spread of the virus by dropping. You will use our products wherever direct contact with customers or coworkers is inevitable! /p>

Choose the product that works best for your company and minimize the risk of coronavirus infection!

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