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Stickets and signs related to Coronavirus

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The coronavirus that causes COVID - 19 is a topic that has not come off practically anyone's mouth in recent days. And although we know the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), we often do not follow them completely unconsciously. This is an extremely dangerous situation, which may result not only in damage to health, but also endanger life. What should we do to protect ourselves from infection? The WHO lists elements such as proper hygiene, frequent disinfection of hands and objects we use, and keeping an appropriate distance between people. In everyday life it is easy to forget about this!

Therefore, due to the spread of the virus, we have prepared a range of health and safety boards that will remind you of the rules and will be used wherever the presence of people is inevitable. Check what we can offer you and limit the spread of the virus in your company!

Coronavirus - take care of safety!

Our health and safety boards will be used where there is a need to constantly remind you of the rules. Places such as supermarkets, grocery stores, medical facilities and public transport are particularly vulnerable to epidemics. Some of us can afford to stay home safely, but remember those who put their lives and health at risk so that our daily lives can be as normal and comfortable as possible.

Therefore, to ensure their safety, use the boards reminding them to use hand disinfection, overalls, masks and protective gloves. These boards should be found in all medical facilities. For public transport, a sign reminding of the maximum number of passengers and information about doors that can only be opened by the driver will certainly be useful. And in the supermarket? Separate safe areas in the queue at the checkout counters and inform customers about the shopping hours for seniors only!

Health and safety boards - COVID - 19

All our products are made with the use of modern production technologies, which ensure their highest quality, excellent appearance and resistance to weather conditions. Use them both inside and outside and take care of the safety of both your employees and customers!

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