Stickers to let you love your walls and furniture anew

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Are you looking for an easy and above all express way to change your interior? Decorative stickers are a perfect solution for anyone who would like to avoid expensive and time-consuming renovation and at the same time refresh the interior of their home, apartment or company. With a small help of our stickers you will decorate any wall, as well as any other freely chosen, smooth surface - just choose the pattern and size! Who will our creative stickers work for? Wall decorations of the highest quality is a real treat for every lover of interior design. Creative patterns, saturated colors and excellent quality, which you will not pass by indifferently - these are our stickers! Additionally, to satisfy even the most demanding interior design lover, we have prepared hundreds of different designs, divided into several categories, which make it easy to find your dream sticker design, regardless of whether you are looking for classic solutions or modern design. Check the offer of our sticker store and take care of the decoration of your four corners!

Laptop Sticker Small Kitten P264See more details

Laptop Sticker Small Kitten P264

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Flexible Metal A4 SheetSee more details

Flexible Metal A4 Sheet

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Veneer Per MeterSee more details

Veneer Per Meter

from 8,17 EUR Add to wishlist
from 7,48 EUR Add to wishlist
Tree 1104 StickerSee more details

Tree 1104 Sticker

from 6,26 EUR Add to wishlist
Owl 1353 StickerSee more details

Owl 1353 Sticker

from 7,62 EUR Add to wishlist
Big Ben 0830 StickerSee more details

Big Ben 0830 Sticker

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Footballer 1164 StickerSee more details

Footballer 1164 Sticker

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Chinese Sticker 59See more details

Chinese Sticker 59

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Lion 0808 StickerSee more details

Lion 0808 Sticker

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from 2,64 EUR Add to wishlist
from 2,64 EUR Add to wishlist
Prohibition StickerSee more details

Prohibition Sticker

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Store with stickers for home and business

In our offer you will find an infinite array of wall decorations that will enchant you, the rest of the household and always welcome guests! Use them to arrange your bedroom, living room or home office and make the rooms where you spend so much time gain an original and unique atmosphere. Our creative stickers will also be fantastic in a children's room! Patterns designed especially for children are a true palette of diversity - charming animals, fairy tale characters and motivating inscriptions. You will successfully place them over the desk or bed of your child, creating a friendly and encouraging to constant development interior.

You will use the wall stickers wherever you would like to get a spectacular visual effect - in your kitchen, bedroom, children's room, but also in your office, company, store and catering establishment. Regardless of what kind of interior you want to decorate, you will surely find a suitable proposal in our offer.

Stickers - Wallyboard online store

Our online sticker store offers both traditional wall and velour stickers as well as laptop stickers! Classic wall stickers are durable products made of the highest quality self-adhesive foil. Thanks to them, in just a few minutes you can arrange virtually any interior. Simply stick them to the chosen, smooth surface! They are perfect for walls, furniture and glass surfaces! And if you want to go a little bit crazy - choose velour stickers! Thanks to their unusual and eye-catching formula you will add warmth and coziness to your interior. Nobody will pass by their saturated, deep colors! These are original decorations, which will appeal to the taste of both retro styling lovers, but also minimalism. A small velour accent on the wall is something that will definitely define the climate of the whole room! Fancy a small change? Laptop stickers will surely make your long hours spent at work more pleasant! Choose a pattern that will optimize your mood each time and will give you willingness and energy to work. Maybe it will be your favorite pet, an abstract pattern or maybe an enchanting postcard? Choose it yourself!

All our stickers are the highest quality products - designed and manufactured in Poland. Choose your favorite design and order it on Wallyboards!

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