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Height growth charts

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Making incisions on the doorframe? Drawing lines on the wall with a copy pencil? Forget about these practices! If you want to check your child's height, it's better to use colourful grow charts. With our kiddie charts, you can not only check how fast your baby grows, but also gain an original and cheerful accent in the room that will beautify your baby's room or playroom!

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Height growth chart 1146

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Growth charts - original decoration and an idea for an interesting gift

Beautiful and colourful self-adhesive growth charts are a great gift idea for example. The charts we offer do not resemble boring tools for basic measurements. They are carefully crafted, eye-catching, colourful works of art, which have been adapted to the child's needs in every respect - both the design and the materials used.

This and the durability of the product makes the grow charts a perfect gift - for example for a baby shower, a baby's first birthday, Children's Day or any other occasion! Besides, such a grow chart will one day be a wonderful souvenir for an adult. This is possible because the inks used for printing the stickers are very durable and their surface is covered with durable laminate.

The growth chart as a safe decoration for children

What's more, our colourful grow charts are completely safe for little ones. The inks used in their production are odourless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, so even the youngest children can use our measures without fear of allergies or irritation. Thanks to the ecological approach, the stickers are a unique decoration that not only decorates the children's room, but is also extremely useful.

With the grow chart you can not only measure your baby's height, but also familiarize your baby with the numbers, teach him precision and read the results.

Where can you use the growth chart?

It is also worth mentioning that the growth charts, due to their high quality, safety in use, ease of installation and affordable price, are a very universal gadget, which will work well not only in a private children's room. Such a growth chart will be a perfect purchase for a nursery, kindergarten or primary school. Laminated surface can be washed off, and well thought-out designs will beautify every classroom.

In our offer you will find a wide range of growth charts for children, ideal for boys and girls, who will delight not only your little one with fabulous designs and beautiful colors. Be sure to read our proposals and give your child a unique gift. Choose the brand best suited to the character and taste of your little one!

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