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Stickers - household equipment

Wall stickers are a quick way to refresh your interior. So if you don't plan time-consuming and expensive renovations, but would like to easily change your apartment - our decorations will prove to be the perfect solution. See for yourself!

Wall stickers - household items

Decorative stickers with motifs of home objects bring a kind of breath of designer freshness into practically every living space. Thanks to their high quality, the stickers retain their outstanding visual qualities for a long time, enjoying the eye of the owner for years to come. An additional advantage is their easy installation, which will make even the most uninitiated residents of the renovation arcana manage the application of the sticker!

The highest quality graphics on templates depicting everyday objects such as chandeliers, guitars, radios give the client a wide range of manoeuvre to realize his individual, sublime vision of the decoration of his surroundings. Uniqueness and originality will surely attract the attention of all those clients who want to give their living space a unique character and fantastic atmosphere.

Where will you use our stickers?

Our stickers with images of home objects are so versatile that you can use them literally anywhere! The Baroque, richly ornamented chandelier will surely bring a breath of romance and freshness into your bedroom, and the dream catcher sticker will capture every unwanted nightmare turning it into a delicate and pleasant story. In such an environment you will surely wake up relaxed and in a great mood!

Our stickers are also perfect for the home office, living room, but also for the teenager's room! The sticker with the crown motif will surely appeal to every girl - even the one who has long stopped dreaming about a fairy tale prince and the electric guitar will delight every teenage fan of strong sound!

Choose your favourite pattern and enjoy it in your four corners!

Over 30 thousand satisfied customers
Over 30 thousand satisfied customers
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You buy from the manufacturer
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We ship to all EU countries
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