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Print your own photo wallpaper

3,18 € with VAT
2,59 € netto

Photo wallpaper can be used on walls, panels, furniture, windows, doors, glass in any interior from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Check the price of available size by choosing the appropriate enlargement from the list above. The price will calculate automatically. If you are interested in different size please contact us.

Wall-Art self-adhesive photo wallpaper

It is made of matt foil designed to set up on the walls and glass surfaces. It guarantees perfect adhesion and durability for many years, whereas special glue enables you to easy peeling off or re-sticking the decoration and does not leave any marks.

Wall-Art laminated self-adhesive photo wallpaper

It is made of wall foil designed to set up on the walls and glass surfaces, at the same time enables you to easy peeling off the decoration. Laminate protects your photo wallpaper against damages and keep the intensity of colours. Laminated photo wall paper will be a perfect solution in the kitchen, dining room and child?s room.

print size and camera resolution

digital camera sensor size AC optimal print size
2.3 MP 60 x 40
3.7 MP 70 x 47
5.0 MP 90 x 60
6.0 MP 100 x 67
8.0 MP 110 x 63
10.0 MP 120 x 80
12.0 MP 140 x 93
14.0 MP 150 x 100
16.0 MP 160 x 107
18.0 MP 170 x 113
20.0 MP 180 x 120

The table shows the dependence between the camera matrix and the optimal size of image.

Bigger picture means better print quality.

If you want to crop the photo, please select the right size and write the proper note placing the order. Graphic designers will prepare demonstrative project, which will be printed after your acceptance.

Please do not enlarge the images artificially before sending us. We automatically accept files to 25 MB. For larger ones we share FTP account. Please contact us to get data access.

Photo wallpapers have a full 24-month guarantee.

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