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Custom printed magnetic whiteboard

13,29 € with VAT
10,80 € netto

The magnetic dry wiper board with individual printing has a dry wiper surface of excellent quality. Magnetic layer is made of modern ferromagnetic material. The board is light, durable, devoid of any frames and sharp edges.

What makes Wally's board so special?
Graphic design
Self-adhesive board or on a PVC backing?

The board is available in two variants - self-adhesive and stiffened PVC backing.

  Self-adhesive board PCV board
Board thickness 2 mm 7 mm
Durability of the dry wearing surface high, the board can be easily cleaned even after a few weeks. Its properties do not change over time.
Glossy finish excellent dry-wearing properties, for intensive use, can reflect light when working in sunny rooms.
Matt finish slightly worse dry abrasive properties, may require cleaning with a fluid for boards, does not reflect light.
How to write on the board ? We recommend Toma's dry wiping markers - you can find them in the accessories section.
What kind of magnets? magnet diameter min. 32 mm or neodymium.
Assembly method the form of a sticker, just pull off the security paper. You don't need any tools! studded belt, mechanical assembly (screws, pins).
Mounting surface all smooth surfaces (walls, doors, furniture, glass) except walls painted with paint with a high latex content. Any surface area
Resistance to weather conditions Yes, when glued to a non-absorbent surface - sheet metal or plastic. Yes, the board is made entirely of plastics.
Board size limitations If two selected sizes (width or height) exceed 120 cm, the board will be made in elements.
Time of production

The order will be manufactured within 3 to 5 working days after the payment is posted, after which it will be shipped.

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