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Wallpaper Cookies With Strawberries And Cream Fp 3410

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Modern wall murals for the living room

Wallyboards mural is a striking interior decoration that will give any room a unique, cozy atmosphere. Depending on the chosen pattern, it will optically enlarge the space or brighten the living room. The metamorphosis of a living room or bedroom does not have to be associated with a costly and time-consuming renovation - we will prepare products to size, ready for application. The most fashionable wall murals for the living room allow you to create an original arrangement in any style, whether glamorous, industrial or rustic.

Modern wall murals for living room and room - an original idea for interior metamorphosis

With our wall murals for the living room, the design possibilities are basically endless. The only limitation in this case is your imagination. You can decorate, for example, one of the walls or two opposite walls with a fashionable wall mural.

Thanks to easy installation, it will take only a few moments to refresh the interior according to your own idea! Besides, it is an investment for a long time. Wallpapers for the living room available in our online store perfectly adhere to the walls for many years.

What kind of wallpapers for living room and living room are available in our store?

In our online store you can find modern wallpapers for the living room and individual rooms - latex, fleece and structural vinyl. Before placing an order, it is worthwhile to see how the various proposals differ from each other.

Latex wallpaper

It is printed on velvet latex-coated paper, which gives it a unique look. It perfectly covers any irregularities and cracks on the walls. In the laminated version it gains additional protection from mechanical damage. The matte laminate also protects the wallpaper from UV radiation, so the colors retain their depth for a longer time. In addition, it makes it easier to keep the wallpaper clean - any dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Latex wallpaper

Fleece wallpaper
Fleece wallpaper 350g smooth

The wall mural made of matte, non-reflective interlining is designed for installation on smooth surfaces. The thick material perfectly masks minor imperfections on the walls. Small dirt can be easily removed from the mural. Safety of use is confirmed by B1, M1 and Euro non-flammability certificate.

Sand texture vinyl wallpaper 215g

The thick material, with an even sand texture, hides surface irregularities well. Resistant to use it features a semi-glossy surface. It is certified for FSC safety, CE and flame resistance C-s2, d0. It is ideal for high-quality interiors, public facilities and exhibitions.

Sand texture vinyl wallpaper

Striped texture vinyl wallpaper
Striped texture vinyl wallpaper 270g

We also offer striped vinyl wall murals. They are ideal for a room where there are irregularities on the walls. They can be laid on grainy surfaces. They are characterized by flame resistance C-s2, d0.

What distinguishes Wallyboards wall murals?

  • Deep, eye-catching colors.
  • Perfect reproduction of details.
  • Possibility to prepare a wall mural based on a photo sent by the customer.
  • Ecological inks - safe for health and environmentally friendly.

Specification of wall mural

The table shows detailed specifications of fleece, latex and vinyl wall murals.

Latex wallpaper / Laminatex latex wallpaperFleece wallpaperVinyl wallpaper
Materialvelvet latex coated paper 212gmatt fleece 350gvinyl coated fabric
sand - 215g
stripes - 270g
Mounting surfacesmooth surfaces, wallpaper hides minor imperfectionsallows for grainy surfaces, masks irregularities
Installation methodwith wallpaper paste, butt joint
AccessoriesMetylan Special glueMetylan Direct glueMetylan Special glue
Certificate of non-flammability-yes - B1flame resistance C-s2, d0
Installation in areas with high humidity-yes

Division of the wall mural for living room and room

Each roll has a maximum width of 100 cm.

Lead time

The selected wall mural will be produced within 3-5 business days after the payment is credited.Courier delivery will arrive at the address specified in the order within a maximum of two business days after posting.

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Wallpaper Cookies With Strawberries And Cream Fp 3410
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Wallpaper Cookies With Strawberries And Cream Fp 3410
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