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Color guide

Colours have special properties, influence human psyche in various ways and stimulate various emotional states. Each color causes a different perception of space.

Cold colours optically enlarge it and have a positive effect on the impression of spaciousness. In contrast, warm colours such as yellow, orange, pink or red reduce space.

Bright, cold and low saturation colours have a soothing effect on the mood and, at the same time, give the impression of freshness, matching all kinds and character of interiors. Dark colours should be used in moderation, they are perfect for contrasting colour accents, thanks to which they enliven and enrich the interior rather than overwhelm it, causing a grim impression.

While creating colour compositions in rooms, it is worth taking care of harmonious colour combinations. We especially recommend monochromatic combinations, i.e. one colour in different shades of brightness, e.g. light and dark green. Another good way to choose colours is to pair them in the same way. Colours are based on the same key and their selection is made by selecting the colours adjacent to each other on the color wheel.

Based on the circle of colours, it is also possible to select colours which complement each other, means which are located on opposite sides of the circle. Warm colours are complemented by cold, cold, warm colours. Colour combinations based on contradictions create harmonious pairs.

Colour wheel

colour wheel

Functional description and recommended use of colours

colour influence of the psyche impact on space the preferred use how it works together  
red stimulates, excites, intensifies activity, at the same time provides a sense of security and stability. decreases the room the hallway, the hall, perfect for color accents, white, grey, graphite, blue, pistachio, black
orange regenerates and restores vital forces, is a combination of the advantages of red and yellow, has an antidepressant effect, decreases the room yellow, red, blue, purple, beige, green  
yellow optimistic and cheerful, refers to the sun and summer, provides a gentle stimulation being the color of life. decreases the room kitchen, dining room red, orange, purple, green, gold
blue soothes and soothes, relieves pain, has a good effect on sleep regulation, is cool at the same time, can cause states of melancholy bigger room it doesn't work in dining rooms and kitchens white, green, beige, turquoise, orange, pink, brown, grey
violet stimulates, soothingly affects the nervous system and brain function, calms down, is associated with spirituality, in sensitive people may cause irritation neutral bedroom, livingroom yellow, red, blue
pink the colour of love, expresses stability, self-control, is associated with safety, promotes relaxation neutral bedroom, childroom white, red, blue, green
brown being the colour of soil, trees, cereals, it gives a sense of security of solidity, favours family life, facilitates isolation from problems neutral fits into any interior blue, orange, red
green relaxes and relaxes, gives a sense of peace and concentration, is the color of harmony facilitates concentration or relaxation enlarges the space the hallway, the stairwell, the office, the library, the bathroom yellow, pistachio, purple, brown
gray cold color introduces subdued toning the light shades are neutral, the dark shades diminish the bathroom, hallway, living room, is used in modern interiors intensive colours with a high level of colour saturation, white
black is conducive to isolation, gives a sense of support neutral reduces the size of the room white, gray
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