Color guide

Colors possess unique properties that affect us every day. They impact our psyche, stimulate emotional states, and also determine our well-being. Colors, just like textures, shapes, and materials, are thus an integral part of architecture and life. In short - colors have incredible power! It's worth ensuring that we surround ourselves with colors that affect us in the most positive way possible.

So, how do we apply color combinations to achieve a specific mood? We know that at first glance, choosing the right colors may seem complicated, which is why we've prepared a short guide for you, thanks to which you can surround yourself with colors that will make you feel fantastic every day!

How to combine colors?

Here are 3 simple combinations that will always make your interiors look stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

Monochromatic colors

If you're aiming for a harmonious, uniform arrangement, choose different shades of the same color. This could be, for example, the color blue and two of its shades - darker and lighter. This will make the arranged room incredibly cohesive and aesthetic.

Related colors

Related colors are those that are next to each other on the color wheel. When decorating an interior, usually two or three similar shades are used. These colors have common roots, thus creating a very classic, cohesive whole, but are absolutely not boring!

Complementary colors

Complementary colors work on the principle of attracting opposites. Therefore, using the color wheel, we can choose contrasting colors that also perfectly match each other. Warm colors complement cool ones, and cool complement warm. These opposing color combinations create harmonious pairs. It's an ideal solution for spacious interiors!

color wheel

Functional description and recommended applications of colors

color psychological impact space interaction preferred application compatibility
red stimulates, excites, increases activity, while also providing a sense of security and stability makes room appear smaller entrance hall, hallway, perfect for color accents white, gray, charcoal, blue, pistachio, black
orange regenerates and restores vitality, combines the benefits of red and yellow, acts anti-depressively makes room appear smaller yellow, red, blue, purple, beige, green  
yellow optimistic and cheerful, associated with the sun and summer, provides a gentle stimulation being a color of life makes room appear smaller kitchen, dining room red, orange, purple, green, gold
blue calms and soothes, alleviates pain, positively affects sleep regulation, yet is cool and can induce states of melancholy makes room appear larger does not work well in dining rooms and kitchens white, green, beige, turquoise, orange, pink, brown, gray
purple stimulates, soothingly affecting the nervous system and brain function, calms, associated with spirituality, can cause irritation in sensitive individuals neutral   yellow, red, blue
pink color of love, expresses stability, composure, associated with safety, promotes relaxation neutral bedrooms, children's rooms red, blue, green, white
brown as a color of the earth, trees, cereals, it provides a sense of security, solidity, encourages family life, helps to isolate from problems neutral even in dark shades suitable for all interiors blue, orange, red
green relaxes and relaxes, provides a sense of calm and focus, is the color of harmony, facilitates concentration or relaxation makes room appear larger entrance hall, staircase, study, library, bathroom yellow, pistachio, purple, brown
gray a cool color introduces moderation light shades are neutral, dark reduce size bathroom, entrance hall, living room, used in modern interiors intense colors with a high saturation level, white
black favors isolation, provides a sense of support neutral makes room appear smaller white, gray
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