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Long gone are the days when a laptop was considered to be a freely available home computer - so convenient because it was portable. Today, every laptop owner treats it as a personal asset and only in exceptional cases allows third parties to use it. We treat a laptop like a smartphone or a wallet - it is ours and ours alone. It is no wonder that many people first look for a model maximally adapted technologically to their individual needs, and then try to decorate their beloved work tool as attractively as possible. Parting with a well-working laptop is not easy, so we try to protect the lid in such a way as to prevent it from mechanical damage for as long as possible. And when it happens to your laptop some crack, we reach for a variety of solutions to extend its life.

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Laptop Sticker Small Kitten P264

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Laptop Sticker Bird P515

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Rose Laptop Sticker P413

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Fashionable laptop stickers

One of the simplest and most effective solutions are laptop stickers. They are commonly called skins, because they adhere to the lid of the computer like a second skin and work in a similar way as the film that protects the glass in the screen of your smartphone or car window - in case of impact and breakage, it prevents the plastic of which the lid is made from crumbling and splashing. Laptop stickers, therefore, not only decorate - although it is their aesthetic qualities that determine the choice of design - but also protect. And, let's face it, although right after the purchase we shake over our new computer like a child, with time we start to treat it like one: we throw it into our bag or backpack, we take it with us to any meeting, and in the evening - into the bathtub...

Laptop stickers: available designs and colors

Of course, the choice of laptop stickers is huge. Cats for cat people, dogs for dog people, motorcycles for computer geeks in mid-life crisis and landscapes saturated with greenery for those who know that sometimes it's worth taking your eyes off your computer and look into the distance, but... have no time. Patterns and colors work on imagination, and there are so many of them that everyone will find something for themselves. However, many people who treat their laptops with affection prefer to choose an individual design instead of a ready-made pattern. Custom laptop stickers are an increasingly fast growing segment of services. Photos taken by one's own hand instead of only on the laptop's disk, also land on its flap. This is an excellent idea to expose your fondest memories. When you take a look at a photo taken in a beautiful place, you can, at least for a moment, take your mind off another job or an excel table.

How to choose a design for a laptop sticker?

Choosing a sticker for a laptop case is a good idea. An increasingly popular solution is to order stickers with the company logo or thematically related to our business. If you work as a freelancer and you are a creative person who pays attention to details, an interesting design of a laptop sticker will become one of the elements of your image. If we represent a serious company, the logo on our computer will not let us and our clients forget that we identify with its activity. Stickers on the laptop case can therefore be considered as one of the elements through which we are able to make a favorable first impression.

Damaged laptop case? This is no longer a problem!

Laptop skins are, as you can see, multifunctional. They can decorate, protect, mask and advertise. A damaged laptop case will never be the cause of a headache again: you don't have to immediately look for money for new equipment, but you also don't have to be ashamed in front of your client of your decrepit computer. A sticker for the casing will take care of that. Laminating protects against scratches, abrasions and minor mechanical injuries. It also provides color intensity, protecting colors from fading with a built-in UV filter. So the damaged case will gain a new look and now really nothing can harm it.

It is worth remembering that each laptop sticker is equipped with a special adhesive, so you can easily stick and unstick it without leaving marks on the case. If you want you can cut holes in it for logos, hinges or other accessories. The sticker can have straight or rounded corners. If you have any other requirements, please contact the manufacturer - surely you will find an optimal solution.

Not only the computer case can be decorated with special stickers, also on all free surfaces around the keyboard small stickers for laptops can appear - small decorative elements that will maximally individualize the equipment on which we work or play. Skins, skins, stickers for laptops - the name does not matter. What matters is the quality and design, which allows you to change an ordinary, banal computer into an aesthetically sophisticated work tool. It is a great pleasure to work, play and watch movies on a laptop which is not only well protected against damage but also pleasing to the eye. Choose a ready-made design or order a sticker prepared according to your own project. Make your laptop not only visually attractive but also functional.

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