Manufacturing companies

We create visual communication systems for manufacturing companies through innovative signage systems and a wide range of personalized boards

Our solutions are designed with the aim of increasing operational efficiency and optimizing workflow in the manufacturing industry.

Lean Management Boards
We create visual communication systems for manufacturing companies through innovative signage systems and a wide range of personalized boards

Increase operational efficiency at every stage of the process!

We believe that our solutions will support the business and production goals of your organization
Individual approach

Individual approach

We strive to understand your needs

We design and create individual visual communication systems tailored to individual needs, to support manufacturing companies in achieving better operational results, improving safety, and building a culture of continuous improvement and increasing operational efficiency.

Professional consulting

Professional consulting

Lean management is in our DNA

We offer not only products but also added value in the form of knowledge and experience of our team. Our experts are ready to provide professional advice on best practices, process optimization, and the selection of perfectly matched solutions that support your production and warehousing goals.

Innovative signage systems

Innovative signage systems

Over 3000 designs to choose from and be inspired by

Our dry-erase and magnetic boards, planners, wall organizers, as well as a wide range of custom solutions, support process management, facilitate communication, and contribute to the effective use of workspace.

Our clients

We understand the constant pressure, the need for cost reduction, and process optimization. We support companies that strive for continuous improvement, including through the implementation of lean management philosophy, 6S, Kaizen, etc.


We provide functional dry-erase and magnetic boards in any size and with printing.


We support process management through personalized boards and visual communication systems

Professional industry

We offer personalized tools that help organize work and deliver services

They trusted us

How can we help?

Since 2009, we have been streamlining our logistical and production processes to deliver our customers innovative products of high quality and to ensure individual service and approach.

Do you want to increase the operational efficiency of processes

Our company specializes in providing personalized visual communication that facilitates the monitoring and management of production processes. Thanks to our individually tailored visualization systems that are integrated into lean management and 5S concepts, your company will be able to better identify downtime, inefficiencies, and excessive resource consumption, which will allow the introduction of necessary corrections and optimization of operations. Our solutions are designed with the specificity and requirements of your industry in mind, ensuring their effectiveness and seamless integration with existing processes.

You expect effective methods of internal communication and data visualization

Smooth and effective communication in the production space prevents errors, misunderstandings, and delays in production. Our innovative solutions in the field of visual communication systems are designed to support clear and reliable information exchange at all levels of the organization. By improving the flow of information, your company can significantly reduce the risk of errors and misunderstandings, which translates into increased efficiency and shortened project execution times. Our systems are customized to meet the individual needs and specifications of each customer, ensuring that the solution will meet the challenges faced by your organization.

You expect an efficient purchasing process from one piece

One of the things that set us apart in the market are quick quotes and lead times for individual orders. We specialize in individual and personalized production. This means that every project is important to us - regardless of its size. As a result, we can offer solutions tailored exactly to your needs, maintaining high quality and attention to detail - from just one piece. Our order execution process ensures efficiency and eliminates errors, which translates into the satisfaction and trust of our customers.

You need a high-quality and durable product

We understand the importance of compliance with high quality standards and industry norms, so every product is designed and manufactured with these requirements in mind. We pay great attention to the quality of components from which we create our products. During the execution of complex orders, we actively communicate with you to highlight potential risks and develop lasting solutions. As a result, our solutions meet the expectations of even the most demanding business customers.

Looking for a proven supplier

Flexibility and scalability are key aspects of our offer. We understand the dynamic nature of modern business and the need to adapt products to changing requirements. Wallyboards has production capabilities that allow adjusting the size and scope of orders, enabling our clients to easily scale their orders as their business grows and develops. Over 15 years, we have completed more than 30,000 orders for business clients.

Meet our creative team!

Every company is made of people, their collective work, and memories. From the beginning, we wanted Wallyboards to be a place with a family atmosphere, where really great things happen. Without them, there would be no me - Wallyboards!


CEO, Co-founder

meet Peter

Product manager

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Customer Service Specialist

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Production champion

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Graphic designer

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IT Specialist

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Growth Hacker

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Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As part of our CSR commitment, we actively work to protect the environment. We use recycled cardboard for packaging production, avoid unnecessary fillers, reclaim materials and packaging. We use inks with safety certificates and carefully segregate production waste. Our actions demonstrate a deep commitment to responsible environmental practices.

Your project from A to Z - How do we work?

Every project goes through a standardized process that ensures the highest quality and aims at customer satisfaction. From the first contact through detailed quotation, designing according to your specifications, to production and delivery - we are with you every step of the way. You can track the status of your order through an individual link that you receive at the time of placing the order. We are committed to ensuring that your project is realized beyond expectations. Always on time and within the agreed budget.

We believe that with us your business can only gain. No matter how big or small your project is, we will help you realize it exactly as you want. We have the experience, the right technologies, and we are flexible. With us, you will see how easy it is to commission individual production.

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Safe and convenient shopping
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