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Mobile & portable boards

Practical and esthetic boards are a great proposal not only for schools and universities, but also for offices or conference rooms. It is a universal solution for all places where there is a need for frequent notes and presentation of projects, plans and ideas. An additional advantage of our boards is their mobility - if necessary, you can easily move them to the other end of the room!

Mobile boards

Mobile boards, which are available in our online shop, can be divided into several types, so you can easily choose the right product, perfectly suited to your needs. You can choose from dry-erase, chalk, but also cork versions!

Mobile whiteboard- comfort and easy to use

The boards available from us are covered with a high quality dry-erase material, which guarantees cleanliness no matter how long the board is used or for which period we leave the writing. Easy to clean with cloths, sponges and microfibres. No additional cleaning with liquids or detergents is necessary.

There are special dry-erase markers for the board, which allow for easy removal of the inscriptions even after a long time. You do not have to worry that there will be discolourations from the inscriptions on the board, they will easily erase from the board surface.

Chalk and cork boards

Boards of this type are sure to be perfectly useful in public places such as school corridors, kindergartens, classrooms or offices. One corkboard will be a perfect carrier of information, and on the chalkboard you can create infographics or puns using chalk or chalk markers.

Mobile whiteboards for offices and conference rooms

Our boards are based on a construction made of solid materials, whose advantage is high mobility. They can be easily moved even to the other end of the room. If necessary, the movement of the wheels can be blocked. In our offer you will also find swivel backboards, which have writing options on the other side as well. If necessary, simply turn the board itself vertically. The whiteboard comes complete with shelf space for the accessories you need, which helps you organise and prevents you from rushing to find the accessories you need.

Check out our range of mobile whiteboards and choose the perfect option for you!

Over 35 thousand satisfied customers
Over 35 thousand satisfied customers
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You buy from the manufacturer
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We ship to all EU countries
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