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Boards have recently become an inseparable element of equipment in many places. They have long ceased to be the domain of schools and conference rooms only. After all, I guess everyone remembers the large and unwieldy chalkboards, which were so often used in classrooms, and whose inseparable element was dirty hands, heavily dusty chalk. Those times are long gone! Currently, on the market you will find hundreds of offers of practical boards - both chalkboards and whiteboards, which are perfect for all those places where the free flow of information is necessary, as well as good organization of time and work. Boards for writing, drawing and office boards are currently an integral part of the equipment of offices, schools, conference and training rooms. And not only that!

Custom-Sized Magnetic Dry-Erase BoardSee more details

Custom-Sized Magnetic Dry-Erase Board

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Custom Size Dry Erase BoardSee more details

Custom Size Dry Erase Board

from 5,74 EUR Add to wishlist
Dry Erase Magnet Small SizesSee more details

Dry Erase Magnet Small Sizes

from 2,32 EUR Add to wishlist
Dry Erase MagnetSee more details

Dry Erase Magnet

from 3,65 EUR Add to wishlist
from 8,27 EUR Add to wishlist
Magnetic Chalkboard In Any SizeSee more details

Magnetic Chalkboard In Any Size

from 15,31 EUR Add to wishlist
Self-Adhesive ChalkboardSee more details

Self-Adhesive Chalkboard

from 6,71 EUR Add to wishlist
from 16,08 EUR Add to wishlist
Magnetic Whiteboard For Chalk MarkersSee more details

Magnetic Whiteboard For Chalk Markers

from 15,31 EUR Add to wishlist
from 6,71 EUR Add to wishlist
Whiteboard On Fridge In Any SizeSee more details

Whiteboard On Fridge In Any Size

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Dry Erase Magnet For RefrigeratorSee more details

Dry Erase Magnet For Refrigerator

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Chalkboard Cottage 214See more details

Chalkboard Cottage 214

from 20,53 EUR Add to wishlist
Magnetic ChalkboardSee more details

Magnetic Chalkboard

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Chalkboard Bear 295See more details

Chalkboard Bear 295

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In our offer you will find a wide range of boards, available in different sizes, variants, colors and even in interesting shapes! Choose your dream product and order it from our Wallyboards online store!

Board - perfect organization at home and at work

The classic whiteboards without overprint are one of the most popular solutions that our customers even love! Why? It is one of the best office inventions! The huge amount of information to process during the day makes it very often necessary to take quick notes - thanks to the whiteboards it becomes much simpler and all important information is in one place. This is the end of lost sticky notes with important dates! What's more, our boards also have magnetic properties that make storing important documents, photos and infographics trivial - just pin them to the surface of the board with magnets! This whiteboard is perfect for corporate interiors as well as for private spaces!

What other boards can you find in our wide offer?

In addition to the classic whiteboards, we also offer chalk, glass and hybrid boards, as well as mobile and freestanding boards. You will certainly find something for yourself in our offer!

A drawing board that will charm everyone!

As we mentioned earlier in our store you will find a whole range of different boards that you can easily adjust to your needs in terms of their size, color and even shape. They are great for both quoting and drawing! You will use them both in your design office, home office, art studio, but also in your children's room. Not only classic chalkboards on a PVC backing, but also hybrid and mobile boards will be fantastic in such places!

Board for the children's room? Indeed!

A creative board for a children's room is the best gift you can give your little ones! Combine the pleasant with the useful and let learning how to write, draw and count is a fantastic and thrilling fun! And in the evenings, why not play puns together on the surface of our practical whiteboard? Specially for the youngest, we have prepared chalkboards and whiteboards in various surprising shapes! You will find here both charming fairy tale characters, clever animals, but also abstract shapes that will surely move and arouse the imagination of your child! In addition to the shapely boards, our offer also includes printed boards, which are sure to appeal to your child! There is something for lovers of unicorns as well as pirate ships. We even have a proposal for the future astronaut! Choose a shape or printed board and turn your child's room into a real land of great fun and effective learning!

Office boards and training boards - how will you use them in your company?

Training boards are something you can't do without at any meeting, conference or brainstorming. They are used by both smaller companies and large corporations! Remember that each of our training boards can be freely modified according to your needs! Thanks to this we will help you to create completely personalized tools that will make your work easier for you and your colleagues. Choose your board size, print, color, shape and variant so that the chosen whiteboard perfectly matches the needs of your company. Conducting trainings and meetings with clients or investors has never been easier!

Which of our writing boards you liked most? Choose a ready-made solution or have us design a whiteboard perfectly suited to the needs of your company or business!

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