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Magnetic mats

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Imagine that from now on remembering and communicating information will be trivially simple. All this with our magnetic products! Mark your equipment in the production hall with them, take care of the safety of your employees with the help of safety warning magnets, but also make your home or company's facilities more attractive with the help of dry-erase and chalk magnets, on whose surface you will write down all important information! Magnetic properties are an extremely useful feature, which will work well in private, corporate and production spaces. Check where and how you can use them!

Chalk and dry-erase magnets

In our offer you will find both refrigerator magnets that will refresh the visual appearance of your kitchen, giving it a new character, and products with the possibility of complete personalization. You can choose between chalk or dry-erase magnets, on which you can quickly and efficiently write down all important information. Thanks to them you will not forget about any important thing! The fridge magnet is also great for creative kids, who will not only be able to attach their little works of art, but also create them directly on our chalk or dry-erase magnets! This is not only practical, but also extremely creative!

Warning magnets and accessories for production halls and warehouses

With our magnets you can also make markings for production halls or public spaces. Safety and perfect organization are some of the most important features that should guide us in this type of spaces, so proper marking of machines, evacuation routes or possible defects is necessary!

In our offer you will find both safety warning magnets and accessories such as magnetic tapes for floor and shelf marking. Take care of your safety and that of your employees with our little help!

Check our offer of magnetic mats and magnets and enjoy excellent quality!

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