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Stencils florals

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Plants accompany us every day - in the form of our favourite potted flowers, specimens passing by every day on the way to work and beautiful summer scented bouquets. They are a great way to keep them for longer, even during winter and bad weather. We have a great solution for that! Did you know that your favourite plants can also accompany you in the form of wall decorations? For all lovers of nature, greenery and plants we have prepared a wide range of painting stencils, thanks to which you can create a creative decoration in just a few moments. Check what we can offer you!

Painting Stencil Blower 1318See more details

Painting Stencil Blower 1318

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Painting Stencil Tree 1104See more details

Painting Stencil Tree 1104

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Painting Stencil Cactus 2551See more details

Painting Stencil Cactus 2551

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Painting Stencil Cactus 2538See more details

Painting Stencil Cactus 2538

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from 6,39 EUR Add to wishlist
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Painting Stencil 2116See more details

Painting Stencil 2116

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Painting stencils - floral

Plant painting stencils perfectly complement any living space. Thanks to their ease of installation, wide range of available patterns and high quality of workmanship, each customer can quickly transform their living space into a truly paradise or mysterious garden. Plant motifs have a positive influence on the psychophysical balance of the body, allowing for a fuller and more effective relaxation after a hard day of work. Moreover, they introduce a unique atmosphere to each room.

Plant painting stencils are a perfect choice for all customers looking for unusual decoration solutions combining traditional motifs with modernity. Without a doubt, they will transform the existing living space into a unique, expressive expression of the customer's good taste and will highlight the unique aspects of his personality.

Where will you use our plant-based painting stencils?

Use our decorations wherever you would like to give a little greenery and add a unique atmosphere of nature and nature. Painting stencils with floral and plant motifs are perfect for both residential and public spaces.

A romantic bedroom with sensual climbers on the wall or maybe a lovely branched tree in the living room? The teenager's room will surely be perfect for colourful flowers with different coloured butterflies, while lovers of minimalism will love our painting stencils with a bamboo motif!

Our stencils will also be successfully used in beauty salons, spas and cafés.

Choose your favourite pattern and enjoy the blossoming plants even in the middle of winter!

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