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The following category is an invitation to take a photographic journey through inspiring visualizations that will change every home arrangement. In order to meet the expectations of our customers, bearing in mind modern decorating trends, we offer a wide range of designs. Photowallpapers are a very interesting and convenient way to refresh your home. With our help you will avoid time-consuming and expensive renovations, and your interior will gain a unique, original character.

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Graffiti Wallpaper 0123

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Wallpaperkyoto Fp 4095

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Wallpaper Horse Fp 2639

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Wallpaper Reeds Fp 1985

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Wallpaper Pier Fp 1632

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Wallpaper Arara Fp 3017

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Wallpaper Horse Fp 2813

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Wallpaper Horses Fp 2488

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Wallpaper Golden Fp 2197

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Rich patterns

Among our proposals you will find immortal, but always desired floral motifs, which are a perfect complement to the romantic, subtle interiors. There is also no shortage of impressive landscapes saturated with color, artistic graphics, fine streets or metropolitan areas. Lovers of automobiles have at their disposal a kaleidoscope of phenomenal vehicles, while enthusiasts of various species of animals can choose those photographs, which will be closest to their liking. Our little ones will also find something for themselves among colourful, fabulous wall murals which will turn an ordinary child's room into a breathtaking land of adventure! Take a look at our murals categories and choose the perfect design for you!

Decoration to measure

To further reflect the expectations of our customers, we offer customized wall murals. They fit effortlessly into any home setting, filling it with a wealth of color and a phenomenal palette of images and motifs. Whether you need a larger or smaller size, with us you'll find exactly what you're looking for!

Mural wallpaper as a way to aesthetic and fashionable living room

When you are arranging and decorating a new interior, you certainly care about maintaining the highest level of visual appeal. This is because the living room is a place where you spend a lot of time - reading books or newspapers, watching TV, receiving guests, so it is obvious that the aesthetics of this room plays an important role. That's why we recommend installing the chosen motif of a wall mural. The quality of realized projects is impressive, so do not hesitate and bet on this designer and stylish solution. Do away with the extremely common, schematic and commonplace painting of walls and decorating them with expensive paintings that scratch their surface.

Mural wallpaper for the living room is a modern and practical way to give the interior an original atmosphere. With a personalized selection of the theme you will create a unique arrangement, which will add class and uniqueness to the room. Many people treat interior decorating very personally, finding in this activity an opportunity to share with the world their aesthetic sense or unusual personality. With the help of a wall mural, the realization of the idea will become a pleasure. The results of the decisions made will be extremely impressive.

Pose for a wall mural and stylishly arrange your new living room

When a newly purchased apartment or a newly built house is being finished, and you are wondering what solutions to bet on in order to enjoy functional spaces, but also maximally visually attractive, decide on a wall mural. A living room diversified with this fashionable addition will become a remarkably original interior, in which staying will be an undeniable pleasure. Modern construction perfectly harmonizes with innovative additions, so it is easy to choose a wall mural that fits both your preferences and the specifics of the equipment or other decor elements. You can also use it in traditionally finished rooms with equally good results.

The wall mural is a solution which is rapidly gaining popularity, because it gives great arrangement possibilities. Regardless of the style of the interior in our offer you will find a motif that meets your expectations and is a first-class decoration. Choose an original wall mural and create a unique graphic which will ideally enhance the design of your new apartment or house, thanks to which every moment spent there will be full of satisfaction and aesthetic experience.

Refresh your living room quickly and efficiently

Looking at your living room, you are increasingly thinking about renovation? Do you feel that it is worth changing something, but you lack the idea? A wall mural will certainly appeal to you and allow you to find a concept in line with your preferences. When you choose this solution, you do not have to try to organize the often troublesome renovation, which takes many weeks. On the plus side, you will also save a lot of money. To renew the interior, it is enough to bet on a copy in accordance with contemporary trends. An aesthetic and appropriately selected wall mural for the living room will allow you to refresh the room and give the whole arrangement a second life.

You will equip a room with a decorative element, which is gaining more and more popularity, and you will make it play the role of the focal point of your home, where you will welcome your family or friends and enchant them with the uniqueness of a chosen graphic. Apart from its purely aesthetic function, a wall mural also plays a strictly practical role. Thanks to it, renovations and repainting walls will become unnecessary as the durable and properly prepared material will effectively cover minor defects, scratches, stains and paint chips. So opt for a wall mural for your living room and give up expensive renovations. Choose a solution that is cheap, convenient, fast and guarantees impressive results.

Flay with colours

Motif and type of graphic is not the only thing you should pay attention to when looking for the perfect wall mural for your living room in our wide range. The color scheme is equally important. In this area, as in any other, there is unlimited freedom, but it is still worth getting acquainted with the most fashionable solutions. The most popular is the method of matching the color of other walls or accessories or furniture, which significantly facilitates the creation of a toned arrangement. The wallpaper is then kept in uniform colors and is based mainly on pastel shades of delicate greens, browns or beiges.

Light colors are also recommended for darkened living rooms, because they allow you to brighten the room. Many people, however, approach the interior decoration in a much bolder way and rely on vivid and maximally saturated colors. This is a concept that makes use of contrast, perfectly demonstrating how important the smallest detail in finishing a space is. A juicy wall mural can be an eye-catching element of any living room and a symbol of the personality of its owners.

Modern wall murals for living room

In order to maximally satisfy the most diverse needs of our clients, we constantly move with the times. When you look at the motifs we have on offer, you can be sure that you will see trendy, modern and attractive photo wallpapers for the living room. In this way, you can be sure that your interior will be decorated in accordance with the current trends. We have also made sure that our products stand out due to their versatility, which means that no matter how long the time passes they remain an effective element of interior design and continue to impress with their aesthetics.

Modern wall murals available on sale are a perfect solution for the arrangement of homes and apartments of the latest generation - lofts or apartments decorated in the industrial style. Spacious rooms are very impressive, but you need to be careful not to accidentally cause an undesirable feeling of emptiness or monotony in terms of color scheme. Modernity is simplicity, but also the skillful incorporation of bold and unconventional graphic elements, so do not be afraid to bet on progressive solutions. A wall mural for the living room will make the central room of the apartment look unusually avant-garde and fresh.

Wall mural for living room and classic interiors

Interiors decorated in the timeless classical style are associated with elegance, harmoniously designed spaces and craftsmanship of all furnishings. So is using a wall mural for a living room arranged in such a way a good idea? Of course it is - it can be both a way to aesthetically complete the look of the room, as well as an eye-catching main motif, from the angle of which other decorations and furniture will be prepared. Classical style is governed by its own rules - its main determinants are balance, harmony, symmetry and elegance. And this is what you should be guided by when choosing a wall mural for a classic living room.

When looking for a suitable pattern, pay attention to the color scheme of the furniture, parquet floors or carpets, as well as the style of the motif itself. It is great if it is based on warm, subdued or pastel shades - give up strong and bright colors. Classic interiors should also not be overcrowded with small ornaments, so it pays to use one, but effective accessory, so just a quality wallpaper for the wall. Recently, it has become very fashionable to introduce into the classic spaces modern elements, distinguished, however, by their long-lasting versatility, which makes them perfectly affect the climate of the interior. Thanks to its durability and timelessness, a wall mural is exactly what you are looking for in order to enliven the somewhat statuesque character of your living room.

Magnifying wall murals for smaller interiors

We constantly emphasize the multifunctionality of wallpaper for the living room and we do it for a reason, because it is a truly versatile solution that guarantees an impressive multitude of applications. As we have already mentioned, its use significantly improves the aesthetics of the interior, refreshes the look and gives it a unique character. It is worth noting, however, that the attractiveness of the room also depends on its size. If in a smaller room there will be too much furniture or accessories, the atmosphere may become a bit overwhelming. Therefore, in order to optically enlarge the interior, choose a properly designed wall mural. This applies both to smaller living rooms, as well as those of standard size, located in the attic.

We recommend motifs with depth effect, panoramic shots, wide-screen shots and frames depicting impressive views. Ab to get the desired effect of visual enlargement of the room, it is worth considering a relatively light color composition. Thanks to a striking photo wallpaper for the living room, you can give up other decorative elements that have so far occupied the already very limited space. This solution will easily allow you to create the impression of a spacious space, so staying in the living room will become more pleasant and comfortable.

The highest quality wallpaper for the living room wall

The visual attractiveness of our products consists of aspects such as high quality graphics and photos, professional application on the material, vivid colors, well composed design or well reproduced details. These are very important elements, which you can be sure of when using our offer of wallpapers to the living room, but not all of them. Equally important are durability and solidity of the products and their specification enabling proper and permanent installation. After all, what is the use of a photo presenting a beautiful view if after a few weeks the material starts to curl, peel from the surface or wrinkle ugly? That is why we pay so much attention to details.

We guarantee the highest standard of services, the use of durable raw materials, professional graphic processing and advanced implementation of finished prints with their application to a precisely measured base. All wallpapers for living room, which are delivered to our customers, are distinguished by visual attractiveness and resistance to dirt, scratches, moisture and water vapor. If you are looking for wall murals for living room which are perfect in every aspect, you should use our offer. Functional advantages and quality first of all!

Professional service and attractive prices of wall murals for the living room

While browsing through our wide range of wall murals you can ask our employees for advice, which will make it easier for you to choose the most suitable motif for your décor. We encourage you to take advantage of our offer because they are distinguished by the highest quality and competitive prices. Wallpaper to the living room is a very attractive and functional decoration for home space, which really everyone can afford. It is a great alternative to expensive and often impractical decorations or accessories!

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