Framed boards

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The boards in frames are convenient solutions for many places and businesses where there is a need for a smooth flow of information and marking. They are useful both in public spaces, commercial spaces and production halls, where they can perform their practical function perfectly. What kind of boards we have in our shop offer and how can you use them? Check it out!

Chalkboard in frames

The chalkboard in frames will work wherever you need a practical and visually appealing solution. Write down on them with chalk or chalk marker the price of flowers or natural cosmetics in perfumery and you will perfectly reflect the atmosphere of your place, without using ugly price lists. When the price or information is changed - you can easily wash the board and write down all important notes on it again!

Dry-erase boards in frames

Dry-erase boards in frames are a perfect solution for warehouses, production halls or company facilities. You will describe on them the contents of shelves, the principles of operation of machines, guidelines for employees and the names of individual devices. All this with the help of our boards and a dry-erase marker! When the information becomes out of date, you can easily clean the surface of the board, no matter how long the inscriptions have remained on it.

Boards in frames - the possibility of personalisation

Thanks to the fact that we are a manufacturer, we can easily adjust the product to your even the most demanding needs. Do you need an individual imprint on the chosen product? This is no problem for us! Send your project or have it prepared by us.

In our shop's offer we have both chalk and dry-erase boards, and each of them can be chosen in several different variants - as a one-sided board, which you can attach to the shelf, two-sided, which will be useful for mobile notes, but also a plate on telescopic stands, which you can put wherever you need it!

What kind of boards do we have in our offer?

Check out our offer of framed boards and choose a product perfectly suited to the needs of your company!

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