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Planning boards are a key element of the Lean Management philosophy and visual management. What exactly is Lean Management? It is a company management strategy that is based on optimizing work in offices, companies and production halls. It assumes adapting the company to market conditions and its constant improvement. Its essence is to "slimming" the company by rationalizing tasks related to the management of the company and its personnel, as well as focusing on shaping positive contacts with the environment. And although it sounds quite complicated, the Lean philosophy is nothing more than constant improvement of processes taking place in a given company. Thanks to them, everyday work becomes simpler, more organized and, consequently, much more effective. One of the most useful and practical accessories that can be used in your company during the process of continuous improvement and optimisation are planning tables. Check out our wide range of lean boards and choose a product that will improve the work in your company or business!

Whiteboard Kanban Magnetic Lean 096See more details

Whiteboard Kanban Magnetic Lean 096

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Whiteboard Kanban Lean Whiteboard 096See more details

Whiteboard Kanban Lean Whiteboard 096

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from 35,78 EUR Add to wishlist
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Planning board for home and office

If you think that the planning board is only useful for large companies and corporations - you are wrong! You can optimise your work in even the smallest company, and what's more, it will produce spectacular results, no matter how many employees your company has. All of our lean management boards have dry-erase properties, which you can use in many practical and universal ways. Save important notes, information and instructions for colleagues, appointments and creative brainstorming! Some of our whiteboards also have excellent magnetic properties - so you'll never have to look for important notes, documents or graphics - just put them on the board! The planning board is also great for private spaces and home offices - create your own action plan, schedule responsibilities for the coming week and plan your private or professional projects. What kind of whiteboards can you find in our offer? Both the printed and classic dry-erase boards. Which one will work best for your company? Find out for yourself!

Printed lean board - how to use it?

In our offer you will find both basic non-printed lean boards, which you will be able to manage on your own and according to your individual needs, and also lean management boards with a specially designed print that will easily guide you through all the steps of visual management. Which printed boards can you find in our shop?

5s printed boards, i.e. boards that will help you to organize your workplace. In addition, each of our planning boards has a dry-erase property that will allow you to note down on its surface all important information, tips and instructions for your colleagues. Competence matrices will allow you to visualize the skills of individual team members, which will turn out to be extremely useful during the unplanned presence of an important employee, safety crosses which will visualize the level of safety in your company on an ongoing basis, as well as dry-erase boards with a Gantt chart designed to facilitate the control of the production plan and other company activities in the most optimal way. Calendars, planners and boards with the T-card planning system are ideal solutions also for one-person companies and for lovers of perfect organization. Kamishibai lean boards are the most powerful tools designed to support visual management in the areas of production and warehousing.One of our bestsellers for private individuals is also a magnetic board with a calendar!

A magnetic board with a calendar? Why not!

A magnetic board with a calendar is one of the most popular solutions among lovers of good organisation. This bestseller will work well in offices, production companies, but also for private use! Write down all important dates - meetings, private visits, business trips and conferences and control your time! Did you know that good organisation will make you have much more of it? Time is one of the goods we can't multiply, so make sure that you reduce the waste of time completely. Proper planning will certainly help you to do this!

Wallyboards is an online shop where you will find a wide range of products to help you organize your work and everyday life. Whiteboards, printed boards, calendars and planners are products that help hundreds of entrepreneurs manage their time every day. See that they can help you too! Check out our offer and choose a product perfectly suited to your business needs.

Lean Management Boards Manufactured by Wally.com.pl

In our extensive offer, you will find nearly 180 designs of dry-erase and magnetic Lean Management boards, which are a key tool in implementing effective operational strategies of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. As we are a manufacturing company ourselves, we have extensive experience in optimizing logistical and production processes. We draw inspiration from our own experiences and those of our clients, and our boards are designed to support continuous improvement and visualization of key processes in manufacturing and service organizations.

Why Choose Boards from Wally.com.pl

We deeply believe that by choosing our Lean Management products at Wally.com.pl, you are investing in quality and efficiency, which will translate into better results for your organization. We invite you to contact our specialists who will help you find the perfect solutions for your enterprise.

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