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Lean management whiteboards

Accessories and lean boards are an effective tool for organizing duties, tasks and projects. They allow you to easily divide responsibilities between employees, ensure deadlines, analyze the production process, and ensure that all tasks have been completed correctly.

Comprehensive assistance at every stage of the process

In our offer you will find not only standard and necessary in the process of lean method management, but also accessories. We will help you to create personalized boards, hangers or magnets that will be tailored to your company's needs, so that your organization will be tailor-made! Thanks to our comprehensive service you can easily introduce lean management methods to your company.

Request us to prepare a project or cooperate with us in the process of its creation! Contact us by e-mail -

What can you find in our offer?

  • Dry-erase boards adapted to Lean Management methods, such as 5S, Kanban, competence matrix, Gantt diagram and many others.
  • Shadowboards will make it easy to keep a perfect organization in your office, warehouse or back office.
  • Applicable accessories such as tapes, magnets, hangers, marking templates and stickers that you can use both in the office and in the production hall.
  • individual instructions printed in the form of stickers and information boards.

Remember that each product can be freely modified to suit the needs of the customer or create it completely from scratch!

What is Lean Management Management?

Lean Management is an idea of company management based on the principles and tools of the Toyota production system, which assumes continuous improvement and elimination of waste, thanks to which employees work better and more efficiently! This is commonly referred to as getting rid of unnecessary "kilos of company" and introducing new effective solutions.

Check our offer and take care of the best organization of your company

Over 35 thousand satisfied customers
Over 35 thousand satisfied customers
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You buy from the manufacturer
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We ship to all EU countries
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