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Safety cross whiteboards lean manufacturing

Security Cross is a tool that allows you to visualize the level of security in the company, warehouse, construction and production hall. It is one of the most important elements of visual management of the production department and warehouse.

How does the safety cross work?

On the safety cross board, each day without an accident is marked green, and the day on which the accident occurred - red. Thanks to this visualization, we can easily get a broader view of safety in our company and monitor any disturbing events.

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Why is the visual organization method better than others?

We process the information that we can not only see and visualize, but also the information that accompanies us on a daily basis. That's why safety cross-printed boards are the perfect way to introduce the habit of using Lean Management methods!

Thanks to the safety cross, you will receive support for control, planning and safety!

Over 35 thousand satisfied customers
Over 35 thousand satisfied customers
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You buy from the manufacturer
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We ship to all EU countries
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