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Safety & Warning Signs

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Did you know that many accidents that occur in production halls, warehouses and backstage can be avoided? A key action in preventing them is to secure and mark the area. Practical health and safety boards will help in this case, which will not only inform employees about possible dangers, limitations, broken equipment, but also show them the way to evacuation. Check where you will use them and which of them will be necessary in your company!

Where to place health and safety boards?

Health and safety boards are placed on many public buildings, such as warehouses, production halls, office buildings, offices, schools, kindergartens and hospitals. They are designed to inform, warn of possible dangers and indicate the different types of dangers that may occur in the workplace. Health and safety boards often also contain instructions for handling dangers such as fire or biological contamination.

Properly applied, health and safety boards contribute to safety in the workplace, help to organise activities in large industrial areas and help to avoid accidents, both for workers and bystanders.

Health and safety boards - the highest quality and safety in use

All the boards you will find in our offer are in compliance with health and safety regulations and made of durable materials that perfectly withstand bad weather conditions. Thanks to this, you can successfully place them both in internal production halls, as well as parking lots, construction sites and all places exposed to moisture, high sunlight and frequent temperature changes. Even after a long period of intensive use, they will not lose their properties - the inscriptions and graphics will remain clear and the boards will look as good as a moment after installation.

Fix them not only to the wall but also to dangerous devices, machines and vehicles and take care of safety!

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