Premises labeling signs

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Discover our range of signage and health and safety signs, designed to meet the challenges of modern warehouse signage. Wally products are not only an essential part of any office or warehouse space, but also a key tool in ensuring workplace safety and organisation. Specifically tailored to the dynamic environment of a business, our signs and placards address specific identification and regulatory needs, making them ideal for those looking for effective space management and health and safety compliance.

Information Sign No SmokingSee more details

Information Sign No Smoking

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24H Monitoring Sign

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Information Sign Doorbell

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Health and safety boards - premises labeling signs

In our offer you will find health and safety boards, which are perfect for arranging space and utility rooms, such as toilets, cellars, warehouses and paint shops. In public spaces, the boards with a request to maintain silence or a ban on smoking will also prove extremely useful. Universal health and safety signs such as the directions of entry, exit and escape routes are essential elements in schools, offices and any larger buildings.

Take care of the safety and comfort of your employees and customers with our practical safety signs!

Health and safety markings for rooms

Our health and safety boards with which you mark your rooms are made of the highest quality materials and using modern production technologies. Weather-resistant products will be installed both inside and outside buildings.

Boards made of foamed PVC are a guarantee of excellent quality and aesthetic appearance for many years. The print on the board does not fade and does not fade even after a long period of use, and a trivially simple assembly - using double-sided foam tape or a traditional method of assembly will make virtually everyone handle it, and marking the building will take really little time!

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