Biological protection signs

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Safety at work is one of the most important aspects that an employer should provide to his employees. In places where there is a high risk of infection with viruses and bacteria, it is important that all rules of hygiene and precautions are followed as scrupulously as possible.

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Although they are not complicated recommendations, in the whirlwind of everyday duties it is easy for us to forget about them and break them even several times a day. It is an extremely dangerous situation in which both our health and life can be threatened. To remind, draw attention and warn about the rules every day, we have prepared a range of products that will help you to do so. Practical signs with the appropriate biological protection symbols will certainly prove their worth in all manufacturing plants, hospitals, medical facilities and laboratories. Check what we can offer you and take care of your and your employees' safety!

Boards - biological protection, biological hazard

In our offer you will find both information, order, prohibition and warning boards, and each of them will concern protection against biological threat. Products made of solid PVC will prove their worth both indoors and outdoors, without losing their properties and maintaining a great look for years!

With our boards, you will maximise safety wherever there is a risk of infection with viruses and drip-transmitted bacteria.

Where will you use our boards?

The boards with the order to use protective goggles, masks, gloves and overalls are perfect for all medical facilities and laboratories. Information about the need to keep an appropriate distance will be useful during an epidemic or pandemic. You can use it in all public places, such as grocery stores, construction shops, offices and post offices.

Take care of safety in your company with our boards!

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