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Say STOP to procrastination - plan with your head!

Say STOP to procrastination - plan with your head!

Do you have the impression that every day you wade through a relentless maze of duties, but in fact they result in ... nothing at all? Every day you are just getting more and more tired, overworked and also irritated. No wonder, each of us has felt this way at least once in our lives! What does it result from? Mostly because of excessive responsibilities, being overwhelmed by professional tasks, everyday problems, but also because of procrastination and not knowing how to plan your time - both at work and in your free time. Fortunately, the right approach to the subject can change a lot! Good organization is the first (and most important) step towards overcoming bad habits and procrastination. So in our article today we will tell you about the right ways to effectively organize yourself. We invite you to read it!

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Posters - the best ideas for your interiors

Decorative posters are a great and, above all, a very simple way to change your interior design! What posters to choose to perfectly fit into our living spaces? How to spectacularly arrange the interior of your office, children's room or bedroom with little time and effort? We answer all these questions in today's article. Get inspired!

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Safety at work - how to ensure it?

If you are running your own company, you surely know how much responsibility your decisions entail. Taking care of a comfortable workplace, the safety of your team members and the well-being of your employees in general is something you should pay particular attention to. Remember that every employer has a duty to protect the life and health of their employees, and one way of doing this is by providing a safe workplace. Be responsible and take care of your own and your employees' safety! How can you do this? What rules and tools should you implement to make work in places such as warehouses, construction sites or production halls as safe as possible? In today's article, we answer these questions and dispel any doubts. We invite you to read it!

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How to stylishly and functionally arrange a small apartment - clever tricks

Stylish and functional furnishing of small spaces requires cleverness and ingenuity. It might seem that the larger the area, the more work and commitment you need to put into its arrangement. However, it turns out that it is small apartments that require the greatest creativity. It is not easy to arrange the interior in such a way that it is beautiful and stylish, yet comfortable and functional. Fortunately there is a large group of enthusiasts of design challenges, who are willing to share ideas and suggest clever tricks. Here are some of the most interesting proposals!

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Interior design trends 2021

A few days ago, we welcomed the new year - 2021. Everyone is hoping for many changes and that the coming months will be much better than the previous ones. The new year also means new trends in interior design, which can be extremely important, as many people decide to renovate their homes during this period! New resolutions, desires and needs emerge particularly clearly in January. There is always a perfect opportunity to add a trendy accessory to your flat, change the colour of walls or completely redecorate your four walls. So it is worth not only getting inspired, but also to change your interior in a modern way! So what trends will prevail in 2021? Interior trends in 2021 will be inspired by the desire to escape from the contemporary, real world, and will symbolise man's desire to return to nature. Sounds interesting? Then we invite you to read on!

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How to arrange a room for a teenager?

A teenager's room is the kingdom of a young man looking for his own style, but usually strongly focused on individuality. Interesting original accents distinguishing the interior from others are synonymous with originality, and the right choice emphasizes the personality of the young man entering almost into adult life. The rooms arranged especially for teenagers have no room for boredom, because the interior is a background for exceptional and extremely desirable creativity! It is not so difficult to create an asylum for a child with whom he or she will identify with and willingly stay there, and invite colleagues without restraint. So let's see how to arrange a teenager's room to be modern and even created for a growing child!

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szablony malarskie

Painting stencils - how to use them?

In the past, the renovation of the room's decor was associated only with costly renovations. Nowadays, more people are looking for cheap and simple ways to make an ingenious change in the character of the room. There are a few trivially simple ways to do it! Sometimes it is enough to use appropriate decorations or accessories to completely change your living space. Interior architects convince us that planned arrangements are successful if you pay enough attention to details and small elements. One of the most frequently recommended methods is to use special stencils for painting walls. What are they, how they work and where will you use them? We will answer all these questions in today's article. We invite you to read it!

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Clever interior design tricks

I guess each of us once experienced a sense of being lost in someone else's apartment, especially the kitchen or bathroom. Why is this happening? Because every home and every family develops their own habits to organize their home space. Even when initially required, the users get used to the existing logistics, move around the house mechanically and don't analyse the order unless something suddenly changes…

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tablice z nadrukiem

Chalkboards for gastronomy

Do you run your own restaurant, café or other catering business? Then you certainly often think about the advertising possibilities of your place. You're probably already using some clever tricks to make your place memorable to your visitors. But did you know that one of the most important advertisements can work every day and practically without your participation? All this with chalk accessories that will make your client's eyesight stop at them!

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fototapety podroze

How to choose the wallpaper?

The arrangement of a house or apartment is often not an easy matter. We have to decide on a given style of interior, choose the color palette, choose the right furniture and accessories... And these are just some of the challenges. In the maze of many stages of creating the space in which we will spend time, we should not forget about the specific base, that is, the walls. They give shape to the interior and are the background of the whole styling, so it usually starts with them. We usually decide on a classic and restrained solution, which is a subdued color of paint or wallpaper in simple patterns. If we want to give the interior more extravagance, we choose more decisive colors. However, we should not forget about the solution that certainly attracts the most attention, which is the wallpaper.

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