Dry erase planners

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The dry-erase planner is an excellent and extremely useful tool to organize and systematize your daily work. The products we offer combine the advantages of traditional whiteboards with the lightweight, comfortable to use planners. Check our offer and choose a planner perfectly suited to your needs - weekly, monthly or even annual. In Wallyboards online shop we have a wide range of practical and exceptionally aesthetic products to choose from!

Whiteboard 040See more details

Whiteboard 040

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from 16,08 EUR Add to wishlist
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Whiteboard 038

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Whiteboard Kanban Magnetic Lean 096See more details

Whiteboard Kanban Magnetic Lean 096

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Whiteboard Kanban Lean Whiteboard 096See more details

Whiteboard Kanban Lean Whiteboard 096

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Dry Erase Board Planner 592

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Dry-erase planners - weekly and monthly

Our planners and dry-erase planner boards have a special print that will allow you to plan conveniently. This means that you no longer have to draw the tables and sections yourself, the end result of which could look messy and unsightly, and take the extra time that you can spend on work and study! Our planners have convenient and aesthetically designed sections, which will definitely make your work easier and more enjoyable. Thanks to the exceptional dry-erase surface, working with our planners is exceptionally comfortable - fast and without getting your hands dirty. To clean the surface of the planer, it is enough to wipe off the traces with a special sponge or microfibre cloth.

In our wide range of Wallyboards online shop you will find both a monthly dry-erase planner, an annual dry-erase planner and a weekly dry-erase planner. When using our practical planners you will surely also find the right accessories for whiteboards, such as dry-erase markers, a comfortable cloth and also neodymium magnets , which you will use when using dry-erase magnetic boards.

Planners and whiteboards - where will they work?

Our dry-erase boards in the form of practical planners will prove their worth wherever there is a need for perfect organisation of time and work. That is why they work so well in offices and conference rooms. Planning has never been so simple, pleasant and above all effective!

In the offer of our online shop with boards you will find dry-erase magnetic planners made of the highest quality materials. We guarantee that you will receive from us a product that will serve you for many years. Organize your time, work and achieve your goals!

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