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School timetables

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Math, biology, history ... Our kids learn many extremely useful subjects in school. However, the real trick is to manage the number of classes, the order of which is constantly changing! Reusable timetable turns out to be very practical and useful solution in this case. Check out the creative designs we have prepared and together choose a proposal that will make your study planning much more fun!

Chalkboard lesson plans - perfect for pupils and students

Choose a chalkboard lesson planner in the form of a sticker or a board stiffened with PVC backing and enjoy the possibility of repeatedly changing your notes! Thanks to the highest quality of the chalkboard surface you can easily wash off any writing - even those that remain on it for a long time! For planning and writing your timetable, use the soft school chalk - white or in different colors. In this way, the timetable can become a small work of art and a creative decoration of your child or teenager's room!

Lesson planners - get organized!

The chalkboard lesson planner will serve your child for many years! Its universal design will appeal to both younger and older children, and the ability to artistically plan their activities with colorful chalk will make the planner a favorite item in any child's room! Choose either the minimalist chalkboard lesson planner or the colorful planner with owls to accompany your child through productive learning!"

Do you need help with organizing your child's schedule? In our online store Wally you will find all the necessary tools to make this essential part of school adventures easier and more enjoyable. We invite you to take a look at our wide range of chalkboard lesson planners!

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