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Plates with custom printing offer countless possibilities for personalizing both private and business spaces to meet your own needs. We provide a wide range of plaques that can be fully customized using our intuitive online configurator. This option allows customers to choose not only the size and material but also the content, enabling the creation of a product that perfectly meets their requirements. Such a solution is effective not only in public and business areas, where plaques can be used to mark important places, inform about opening hours, or the rules in a specific area, but also in the context of parking space management. Personalized parking space plaques are not only practical but can also serve as a visual element, enhancing the aesthetics of the area. We invite you to visit the Wallyboards store to discover the wealth of possibilities offered by plates with custom printing, and to use our easy-to-use configurator that will help you create the perfect signage for your space.

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Order Your Custom Printed Plaque – Personalize Your Space

In the age of personalization, nearly every element of our surroundings can become a reflection of individuality and creativity. Plaques with custom printing are an excellent way to give a personal touch to your space or clearly mark important places in an office, home, or public area. Whether you need a plaque with your company's name, information about opening hours, or wish to convey any other message, the ability to personalize allows for the creation of a product that precisely meets your needs. By ordering a custom printed plaque, you influence every aspect of the design – from choosing colors, through font type, to material, ensuring complete alignment with your expectations and the aesthetics of the intended location.

Choose the Perfect Custom Printed Plaque – A Way to Unique Signage

Plaques with custom printing are not just functional informational elements but also a unique aesthetic addition that can attract attention, inform, and even inspire. Thanks to advanced printing technologies and a wide range of available materials, it is possible to create plaques that are durable, legible, and aesthetically in tune with the character of the space. The ideal plaque is one that fulfills its informational purposes while harmoniously blending with its surroundings. When choosing a custom printed plaque, it's important to consider its intended use – different features will be important for outdoor plaques, exposed to weather conditions, than for those placed indoors. Personalization allows for precise product adjustment, which is crucial not only in terms of aesthetics but also functionality and clarity of the message.

Benefits of Using Custom Printed Plaques in Public and Business Spaces

Custom printed plaques play an important role in visual communication in both public spaces and business environments. Their main advantage is the ability to tailor the message to specific needs and requirements, which is unachievable with standard solutions. In public spaces, these plaques can serve to mark landmarks, inform about regulations, or directions to important places, significantly facilitating orientation and improving the visiting experience. In business, personalized plaques can strengthen company branding, indicate important office or production areas, and convey key information in a professional and brand-consistent manner. Additionally, using custom printed plaques allows for the incorporation of company-specific colors, logos, and slogans, contributing to building recognition and trust among customers and employees.

Order Parking Space Plaques – Ensure Easy Identification

Placing parking space plaques is a key step towards maintaining order and effective management of parking space. Whether you manage an office, residential, or commercial parking, clearly marked parking spaces not only facilitate identification and localization of available spots but also contribute to increased safety and user satisfaction. Thanks to customization, you can adjust plaques to meet the specific needs of your facility, choosing size, color, and even adding a company logo or parking space number. This is not just a practical solution but also an element that builds a professional image of your space. By ordering parking space plaques, you invest in clear communication and efficient functioning of parking areas, invaluable for both employees and customers visiting your company or property.

FAQ: Custom Printed Plaques

What sizes are available for the plaques?

Available sizes are 15 x 10.5 cm, 21 x 15 cm, 30 x 21 cm, 42 x 30 cm, and 70 x 50 cm.

What material are the plaques made of?

The plaques are made of foam PVC with printing on foil and an additional layer of matte laminate.

What is the thickness of the plaques?

The thickness of the plaques is 5 mm.

What are the mounting options for the plaques?

Possible mounting options include double-sided mounting tape (foam), screws, cable ties, mounting glue, or an aluminum post.

Are the plaques resistant to weather conditions?

Yes, the plaques are resistant to weather conditions due to being made of synthetic materials.

What is the warranty period for the plaques?

A 2-year warranty is provided for the plaques.

What is the lead time for orders?

The order will be produced within a maximum of 4 working days from the moment the payment is recorded, and delivered within two working days from the moment of dispatch.

Can I order a plaque in a custom size?

The specification lists standard sizes. For a custom size requirement, we recommend contacting customer service for the possibility of an individual order.

Can I customize the content and appearance of the plaque?

Yes, thanks to the online configurator, you can choose the size, material, and adjust the content and appearance of the plaque to your needs.

What are the delivery options for the plaques?

The plaques are delivered by courier to the specified address within two working days from the moment of dispatch.

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