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Magnetic chalkboards

Magnetic chalkboards are not only a part of the school's classroom or children's room. They also like restaurants, reception desks, shops and waiting rooms. The black, classic surface of the chalkboard is only one of the possibilities. A modern magnetic chalkboard can have any colour chosen from the palette offered by the manufacturer. In the Wally shop, there are as many as 11 colours available, perfectly matching every interior and creating an interesting decorative accent. If our child likes to draw on the walls, it is worth redirecting his creative energy towards the chalkboard. We can also order a magnetic and chalkboard with any imprint, e.g. a ready-made format for entering menus or an intriguing motivational quote.

Chalkboards - necessary in the school classroom

The chalkboards are still hanging on the walls of many school classes. However, these are not archaic old boards, and modern ones have magnetic properties at the same time. They can be not only written in soft chalk, but also attached with magnets to various pictures. This makes it much easier to work with the youngest students, who need much more data to understand the particular issues discussed in the classroom. The chalkboard is also an important part of learning to write - it is written differently with chalk, or with a marker on a dry wiping board. Specialists are of the opinion that writing with chalk in the initial phase of education is good for children.

Improved traditional chalkboards

The improved chalkboards can be of any shape, and so can be used as attractive interior decorations. The sophisticated shapes of the boards - cloud, cartoon smoke, cat, teddy bear, etc. - will work well in catering objects to write down menus, at reception desks to write down price lists, or, for example, in waiting rooms for doctors: then they remain at the disposal of the youngest.

Traditional chalkboards have always been fun for children, which is why they are present not only at school, but also in children's rooms. Chalkboards enjoy the same interest. They are often used as a place where children pin their collections of magnets found e.g. in cereal.

Magnetic chalkboards - use

The use of magnetic chalkboards is very wide. Schools, kindergartens, catering objects, public utility objects. In each of the mentioned places they are not only a perfect "wall notebook", but also an attractive decorative element. Chalk and magnetic boards are available on various substrates, so you will surely be able to adjust our product perfectly to your needs. Large boards and small boards are ideal for vintage styling. They are often used in tripods, which are placed on pavements as an element of outdoor advertising.

Magnetic chalkboards successfully combine the advantages of traditional school chalkboards with the advantages of magnetic surfaces.

Over 30 thousand satisfied customers
Over 30 thousand satisfied customers
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You buy from the manufacturer
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We ship to all EU countries
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