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Magnetic chalkboards

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Chalkboards with magnetic properties are an indispensable element of equipping many spaces - both private, corporate and public. Why? The magnetic chalkboard combines the advantages of traditional school boards with those of magnetic surfaces in an extremely successful way, making it an extremely practical and therefore desirable piece of equipment. Check out our offer in Wallyboards online shop and choose the board perfectly suited to your needs!

Magnetic chalkboard - what is the application?

The use of magnetic chalkboard is extremely wide! You will use it wherever you would like to make the flow of information more effective, and also in places where a practical reusable notebook will prove useful. Write, wipe and rewrite every time you need it! Schools, kindergartens, catering, public buildings - you can use our practical whiteboards everywhere! In each of these places they are not only a perfect wall notepad but also an attractive decorative element. Large boards and small boards are ideal for vintage styling. You can use them in your florist's shop, perfumery or retro boutique with clothes. Our boards are also often used as an advertising element in restaurants, bars and cafés.

In our offer you will find products such as magnetic chalkboard on size and magnetic chalkboard with overprint. This gives you an infinite opportunity to personalise your boards! Chalkboards are also available on a variety of substrates, so you will be able to customise our product perfectly to your requirements.

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