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Magnetic chalkboards

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A magnetic chalkboard is an indispensable piece of equipment in many spaces - whether private, corporate or public. Why? The magnetic chalkboard combines the qualities of traditional school blackboards with the advantages of magnetic surfaces in an extremely successful way, making it an extremely practical and therefore desirable piece of equipment. Check our offer in the Wallyboards online store and choose a board perfectly suited to your needs! A magnetic chalkboard will surely prove to be the best friend of your time organization and tasks!

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Magnetic chalk board house and cat 214See more details

Magnetic chalk board house and cat 214

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from 26,48 EUR Add to wishlist
Roe 265 magnetic chalk boardSee more details

Roe 265 magnetic chalk board

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from 26,48 EUR Add to wishlist
from 26,48 EUR Add to wishlist
from 26,48 EUR Add to wishlist
from 26,48 EUR Add to wishlist

Magnetic chalkboard - what is its use?

The application of the magnetic chalkboard is extremely wide! You will use it wherever you would like to make the flow of information more efficient, and also in places where a practical reusable notebook will come in handy. Write, erase and re-write every time you need it! Schools, kindergartens, catering facilities, public facilities - you will use our practical boards everywhere! In each of the above-mentioned places they are not only an excellent wall notepad, but also an attractive decorative element. Large chalkboards and small magnetic chalkboards are ideal as an element of vintage styling - use them in your flower shop, perfume shop or retro clothing boutique. Our magnetic chalkboards are also often used as an element of advertising - in restaurants, bars and cafes.

In our offer you will find products such as magnetic chalkboard made to measure and magnetic chalkboard with imprint. This gives you endless possibilities to personalize your boards! Magnetic chalkboards are also available on a variety of substrates, so you are sure to be able to match our product perfectly to your requirements.

Why else will you love our magnetic chalkboards?

  • A magnetic chalkboard is a great way to have a creative space without taking up extra space! Use it wherever you want to organize space for notes, planning or creative activities.
  • You can even use it in a child's room - the board is completely safe to use and frameless.
  • Small, large, medium? To choose, to color! Our whiteboards are available in any size.
  • Boards are made entirely of plastic, so it is resistant to weather conditions.
  • Easy assembly, which you will do without the help of specialists also encourages you to use the board wherever there is a need for good organization and effective planning.

Magnetic chalkboard for children

The magnetic chalkboard is also a fantastic accessory for children's spaces, such as your little ones' room, but also a kindergarten, school room, children's waiting room or creative playroom! A large magnetic chalkboard for kids is also a fantastic gift idea! Your child will certainly like our magnetic chalkboards in various shapes, which attract the eye and make any, even the most monotonous space become an adventure land! Cute elephants, minimalist chalk houses or perhaps magnetic chalkboards in the shape of your favorite pet - what will you choose? For a magnetic chalkboard especially for children, creative accessories will also be fantastic - magnets in the shape of animals, favorite vehicles or magnets depicting wild savannah inhabitants.

Magnetic chalkboards - Wallyboards online store

Magnetic chalkboard in a frame is a perfect tool for places where creativity and information flow have no end! Choose your dream board and arrange it in your home, business or catering establishment - it will surely perform its function perfectly! Don't know which whiteboard to choose? In our online store Wally we have a wide selection of proposals that are sure to delight you. Contact us and we will help you choose the right product and answer all your questions!

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