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Safety is one of the most important elements in any public and commercial space. Unlucky accidents in production halls, warehouses and backstage areas are for the most part the severe consequences of failing to observe important health and safety rules. Did you know that many of these could easily be avoided? Health and safety signs will be essential in order to increase safety.

Properly applied information and warning signs not only help to minimise the risk of accidents in the workplace, but also to improve employee organisation and information flow. Our offer includes both health and safety stickers and magnets. Check where you can use them!

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Where to apply health and safety stickers?

Health and safety labels in the form of practical stickers will prove indispensable in many companies and public buildings, such as warehouses, production halls, office buildings, offices, schools, kindergartens and hospitals. They will not only inform employees and others about possible risks, but also show them how to evacuate in case of fire or other danger. Just stick them to any surface you choose!

Health and safety magnets - practical markings in the workplace

Our designed safety magnets adhere to all metal surfaces. You don't need any accessories to mount them, and their great advantage is the possibility of multiple pasting. Thanks to that you can easily mark dangerous equipment, broken machine, metal rack or vehicle.

The highest quality of health and safety markings

Both the stickers and magnets offered by us are made of the highest quality materials, resistant to weather conditions. You can successfully use them both inside buildings as well as in parking lots, construction sites, playgrounds or theme parks. They will not lose their properties even under the long-term influence of adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow or strong sunlight.

Take care of safety with our products! Choose the appropriate safety signs and use them in your company.

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