Technical installations stickers

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Safety is one of the most important aspects you need to take care of in every workplace where employees come into contact with technical installations. The use of safety pictograms and safety signs is governed by Polish law and is required by health and safety regulations. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of construction, repair and production companies, we have designed a whole range of safety stickers and magnets that will be perfect for marking technical installations. Check what we can offer you!

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Health and safety stickers and magnets - marking of technical installations

What health and safety signs do you find in our offer? Both warning, information and prohibition! A high voltage or electrical appliance label will warn all employees of the prohibition to touch, which can minimize the risk of dangerous accidents in the workplace. The labels informing about the location and purpose of machines, switches and valves will make the work easier and allow both new and experienced workers to get a quick overview of the space.

Health and safety signs - top quality

In order to take the utmost care of the quality of our products and the comfort of use of our customers, all products we offer are made using modern production technologies. What does this mean in practice? Stickers and magnets are not only resistant to difficult weather conditions such as rain, snow or intense sunshine, so you can install them also outside, but also perfectly adhere to all smooth surfaces! The magnets can be mounted on all metal surfaces and their great advantage is that they can be glued from one place to another without losing their properties. Use stickers on walls, glass and plastics!

Choose the right sticker or safety magnet and enjoy safety in your workplace!

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