Safety stickers for space labeling

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Ensure safety and compliance with health and safety regulations in your company with our wide range of safety stickers and magnets for room labeling. Our selection includes products designed to meet the highest safety standards while ensuring simplicity and flexibility in use. Choose from a variety of sizes – from small, discreet labels to large, clear safety instructions that are incredibly durable and resistant to weather conditions. Our self-adhesive stickers and safety magnets, easy to install without the need for tools, offer not just compliance with regulations, but also functionality and adaptability.

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Sticker Please Lock The Room

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Self-Adhesive Safety Stickers: Practical Solution for Room Labeling

In today's world, where health and safety (H&S) regulations are strictly enforced, self-adhesive stickers become an essential element of every workplace. Offered in various sizes, from compact 15 x 10.5 cm to impressive 70 x 50 cm, these stickers enable clear and permanent marking of hazard zones, evacuation routes, or procedures. Thanks to the use of 0.1 mm thick self-adhesive vinyl, our stickers ensure simple and strong adhesion to various surfaces – from walls and doors to equipment and cabinets. Weather resistance makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring long-term visibility without the need for frequent replacement.

Magnetic Safety Signage: Flexibility and Convenience in Every Work Environment

Magnetic safety signage is a modern response to the needs of dynamic workplaces that require frequent reorganization of space. The use of 0.7 mm thick magnaflex magnetic film allows for easy relocation of signs without losing their adhesive properties. Whether you need to label metal shelves in a warehouse, machines in a workshop, or refrigerators in social rooms, magnets are the perfect solution. They can be used multiple times on various metal surfaces, making them exceptionally functional. Their durability and ease of installation are valued by employers who care about compliance with H&S regulations, as well as by employees who appreciate order and clarity of safety messages.

Durable Self-Adhesive Stickers: Weather Resistance for Safety

Safety stickers need to withstand more than ordinary labels – they must survive extreme conditions, such as moisture, high and low temperatures, or UV radiation. Our self-adhesive stickers are designed with durability and resilience in mind, even in the most demanding environments. Their 0.1 mm thickness and self-adhesive vinyl ensure that once placed, they will remain in place for many years. Providing reliability in all conditions, our stickers help maintain a high standard of safety and are compliant with current legal requirements in H&S. They perform excellently in rooms where strict safety standards apply, and their durability and readability contribute to reducing the risk of accidents at work.

Technical Specification of Safety Stickers: Overview of Sizes and Materials

The precise technical specification of safety stickers is crucial for ensuring maximum functionality and compliance with regulations. Our stickers are made from 0.1 mm thick self-adhesive vinyl, which guarantees their durability and easy application on various surfaces, such as walls, machines, or office equipment. Available in a wide range of sizes – from small labels (15 x 10.5 cm), perfect for marking extinguishers or first aid kits, to large formats (70 x 50 cm), essential for visible marking of evacuation exits or hazard zones – allows for choosing the ideal size for a specific application. The material of the stickers has been carefully selected to withstand atmospheric and mechanical factors, ensuring consistent readability and contributing to raising safety standards in the workplace.

Tool-Free Installation: Simple and Quick H&S Labeling with Stickers and Magnets

Ensuring workplace safety doesn't have to be time-consuming or complicated. Our H&S stickers and magnets are designed with installation simplicity in mind, which allows for quick and efficient room labeling without the need for tools. Self-adhesive stickers require only surface cleaning and can be immediately attached, while H&S magnets are just as easy to apply, attaching them to metal surfaces without additional preparation. This functionality not only saves employees' time but also allows for ongoing adjustments to the changing needs of the work environment. Tool-free installation is not just convenient but also offers greater flexibility in safety management, especially important in multifunctional spaces and where a quick response to changes is required.

FAQ – Warning Safety Stickers

Are H&S stickers resistant to weather conditions?

Yes, our H&S stickers are made from high-quality materials that are resistant to various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and UV radiation. Self-adhesive and magnetic films are thick enough to ensure durability and readability in different work environments.

What sizes of H&S stickers are available?

We offer H&S stickers in various sizes, starting from small 15 x 10.5 cm, ideal for labeling smaller items, through medium sizes like 21 x 15 cm and 30 x 21 cm, up to large 70 x 50 cm, suitable for marking evacuation exits and large areas.

Do I need any tools to install H&S stickers and magnets?

No, our self-adhesive stickers and H&S magnets are designed for easy installation. Stickers just need to be attached to a clean surface, while magnets can be placed directly on any metal surfaces.

Can I move and reuse H&S magnets?

Yes, our H&S magnets are reusable and can be easily moved to other metal surfaces without losing their magnetic properties.

How long is the warranty for H&S stickers?

We offer a 2-year warranty on all our H&S stickers, confirming their high quality and durability. The warranty covers both self-adhesive and magnetic stickers.

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