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We offer a wide selection of boards with customization options. Our bestsellers are magnetic dry-erase boards, available in aluminum frames, which you can adapt to your needs. Plan and manage projects with dry-erase boards featuring personalized printing, perfect for tracking progress in task execution. We also offer magnetic chalkboards with the option of printing a unique design in any size, allowing you to create a tool perfectly suited to your team's needs.

Plan and Manage Projects: Dry-Erase Boards with Personalized Printing

Dry-erase boards are the perfect tool for planning and managing projects. Wall-mounted magnetic board with printed calendar or project schema is a great way to track progress in task execution.

You can also create a dry-erase board with custom graphics to post information about projects, tasks, and meetings. Such a board will not only be a project management tool but also a way to improve communication within the team.

Discover the Power of Visualization: Strategic Boards with Company Goals

Strategic boards are an excellent tool for visualizing company goals and monitoring progress. Wall-mounted magnetic board with printed company logo and strategic goals is a great way to keep everyone focused.

You can also create a dry-erase board with custom graphics to display key performance indicators (KPIs) and other important company information. Such a board will not only be a management tool but also a motivation for employees to achieve goals.

Create a Friendly Workspace: Motivational Boards with Inspiring Quotes

Looking for a way to create a friendly and inspiring atmosphere in the office? A motivational board with inspiring quotes is the perfect solution! Choose quotes that reflect your company's values or motivate employees to take action. A wall-mounted magnetic board with a favorite quote or graphics is an excellent way to add positive energy to any office.

You can also create a dry-erase board in the size of your choice with custom graphics and continuously add new quotes, motivating messages, or drawings. Such a board will not only be an office decoration but also a tool for communicating with employees.

Additional Tips on Printed Boards

Choose a Board Perfectly Suited to Your Needs

We offer magnetic and dry-erase boards in various sizes and thicknesses. Magnetic boards are 16 mm thick, making them extremely durable. Dry-erase boards are available in two variants: 0.2 mm (self-adhesive) and 5 mm (standard). Choose the thickness that best suits your needs.

High Quality and Durability

All our dry-erase boards feature high surface durability. They can be easily cleaned even several weeks after writing, and their properties do not change over time. Available in two finishes: glossy and matte.

Glossy Finish

Matte Finish


Order your board with custom printing today and create a unique space in your office!

FAQ: Dry-Erase Boards with Printing

What are the main advantages of dry-erase boards with personalized printing?

Dry-erase boards with personalized printing are an ideal tool for planning and managing projects, enabling better team communication and visualization of company goals.

How can a wall-mounted magnetic board with printing help in project management?

A wall-mounted magnetic board with a printed calendar or project schema makes it easy to track task execution progress.

How does a dry-erase board with custom graphics differ from standard boards?

A dry-erase board with custom graphics allows for posting project-specific information, key performance indicators (KPIs), and motivating quotes, making it more functional and inspiring.

How can strategic boards support achieving company goals?

Strategic boards with printed company logo and strategic goals facilitate visualization and monitoring of goal achievement progress, motivating employees.

What to consider when choosing a dry-erase board for your office?

When choosing a board, consider its size, thickness, and finish (glossy or matte) to best meet your needs and usage conditions.

What are the differences between glossy and matte finishes on dry-erase boards?

Glossy finish offers better dry-erase properties and is ideal for intensive use, while matte finish may require more frequent cleaning and does not reflect light.

Are dry-erase boards durable and easy to clean?

Yes, all our boards feature high durability and ease of cleaning, even several weeks after writing.

What are the maximum sizes of boards that can be ordered?

The standard maximum board size is 280 cm x 125 cm, but we also custom-make boards in larger sizes up to 280 cm x 195 cm upon individual order.

What is the order completion time for a board with personalized printing?

The order completion time is up to 10 business days.

Can I count on assistance in preparing the graphic design for the board?

Yes, if you need help preparing the graphic design, our team is happy to assist to ensure the best print quality.

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