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"Everywhere's fine, but home is the best place to go." - that's one of the proverbs that almost everyone would agree with. Very often the house is the source of our memories and good moments. A house is not only a building, it is above all accessories that complement it, give it a unique character and create an amazing atmosphere. A wide selection of modern decorations and decorations can be found in our store Wallyboards - the beauty of decoration.

What type of decorative items can you find here?

At Wallyboards everyone will find the right decorations and decorations for their home - for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, library, children's room or teenager's room. The choice is huge and all the decorations are very interesting and original.

The wide range of products on offer includes decorative wall stickers - multicolour, velour and laptop stickers. There are also painting templates - with many motifs, as well as wall murals, doors, fridges, kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, 3D murals, for children and teenagers.

At Wallyboards you can also buy various types of boards, i.e. dry-worn, dry-worn magnetic, chalk, chalk, chalk magnetic, printed, mobile, educational, cork, school and academic, glass magnetic. Also available are lean tables, magnetic plates and mats, and maps.

Our wide offer also includes reproductions of paintings by both Polish artists (Witkacy, Matejko, Chełmoński, Wyspiański, Podkowiński, Malczewski) and foreign artists (Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Rafael Santi, Pieter Bruegel, Peter Paul Rubens, Claude Monet, Michelangelo Caravaggio).

Wall decorations for all kinds of rooms.

Very popular and fashionable in recent times are various decorations on the wall. Very original wall stickers on the walls of different rooms, whether it's living room, bedroom, kitchen, children's room, are presented on the wall. This solution is designer and at the same time gives the room a unique character. They can be used at home, in the office, and even in the waiting room and other business premises.

At Wallyboards you can buy many kinds of decorative stickers, with different motifs and quotes, wallpapers. All of them can be purchased in any size. Do you dream about the Eiffel Tower or sunset in your living room? It is possible, just look at the wide offer of our shop and choose your ideal design.

The walls of many rooms will be beautifully decorated with different patterns made with the use of painting templates. Here, too, the choice is very large. You can choose from a variety of abstractions, African, fairy tale, Celtic, Indian, floral, fiery, ornamental, vehicle, tree, flower, music, animals, Japanese symbols and many more.

A great idea to create a unique atmosphere in the room is to suspend in it the reproduction of paintings. Not everyone can afford extremely expensive paintings. The most famous and popular ones are not for sale at all and are very often found in museums. There is a way out of this situation - just order the selected reproduction in our shop.

In turn, in the room of a child or teenager who is interested in geography or astronomy, you can hang maps or wallpapers depicting the cosmos, planets or scratch cards, so that they can gradually discover Poland and the world.

Home decoration ideas

At Wallyboards you can find a lot of ideas for decorating your home. The paintings on canvas will be presented in every room, among other things. These can be landscapes, flowers, animals, musical motifs, panoramas - including panoramas of cities, cars, paintings referring to various sports disciplines, fruits and vegetables and various decorative patterns.

Moreover, we are also involved in the preparation of products on individual customer request. Nothing stands in the way of designing a unique pattern and model of decoration or decorations for your home. We will be happy to create a design tailored to your needs.

Select the best additions

Deciding to buy boards, wallpapers, photo wallpapers, you should think about special accessories, which first of all look designer and at the same time are very functional. The boards will be perfect for various types of handles and shelves for markers.

It is the details, accessories and decorations that give the rooms of the houses a unique character. They can be simple and very minimalistic or, on the contrary, expressive, extremely colorful and modern. The most important thing when choosing any decorations for living room, bedroom or kitchen is to be guided by your own tastes. Let them be ornaments expressing and emphasizing our personality. Only then will they make you feel at home like in an earthly paradise, and each return to it will be a pleasure and a moment for which we are waiting impatiently.

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