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Wallpapers for bathroom

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The bathroom is a room that for many years we have been teaching conscientiously and completely with tiles. The time has come, however, to introduce smaller or larger changes that will make the room more attractive and make it look really original. Using a wallpaper in its arrangement is not only unusual, but also very attractive visually.

What kind of wallpaper for the bathroom?

While visiting any spa or wellness center, you will certainly find out how important part of creating the climate are the sensations provided by visual stimuli. Contact with water calms, as the inhabitants of the Far East became convinced thousands of years ago. Therefore, it is worth taking care of this balance, using the appropriate images of nature. If you are wondering which wall mural for the bathroom will best fulfill this task, a review of our collection will surely help you. You will find here images thematically related to water, nature, wind, sand and birds. All of them evoke associations with lazy relaxation on hot sand, the sound of the sea or ocean and a light breeze of refreshing wind. These are the perfect associations, thanks to which you can change an ordinary bath into relaxation on a seaside beach.

Bathroom wall mural - how to protect it?

Murals for the bathroom are slowly gaining popularity, although they still arouse some skepticism. This is a result of many years of perpetuating associations with simple, not very durable paper decorations. Today's wall murals are not only printed on plastic substrates, but their additional protection can also be done. Wall decoration laminated or made on glass is not only very resistant to mechanical damage, but also well tolerates contact with water and is easy to keep clean. How do customers rate wall murals for the bathroom? Opinions about them are very positive, and people who have decided on such interior arrangements rate them very highly both in terms of durability and aesthetic impressions. Certainly, a great advantage is the wide selection of designs, which allows you to create a unique decor.

Mural for a small bathroom

The bathroom, just like any other room in your house, can overwhelm you with its small size. To improve the comfort of daily baths and change this "open" this interior, you can use 3D wall murals. Compositions with a distant horizon, vast water landscapes, rivers and watercourses running into the distance have an extraordinary power to influence the imagination. Thanks to images on wall decorations you can shape the interior or enlarge it. Our proposed wall mural for a small bathroom with a bridge over a water town will make the room seem spacious and bright. A similar effect is provided by motifs with distant islands, mountains or vast sea spaces. A perfect wall mural for a small bathroom is also a composition with a view of the sky. Clear blue with jagged clouds, a lone sea bird in flight, or a kaleidoscope of colors, painted by the setting sun is not only a 3D wall mural, but also an inspiration to dream in an aromatic bath.

Bathroom wallpaper arrangements

When choosing murals for the bathroom, it is also worth paying attention to their colors. The color that promotes balance and relaxation is certainly blue, but in the rich collection you will also find other compositions. In this way you can easily complement the already designed arrangements in green, pink or purple tones. For sandy and sunny stylizations we recommend, among others, a picture with a sunset over the lighthouse, dominated by shades of yellow and brown. An ideal wall mural for a bathroom in pink or purple tones is a composition with an unusual island. The collection also includes interesting proposals for bathrooms arranged in greenery, such as motifs of mountain lakes or windmills on the meadow. Laminated or on glass bathroom wall mural is an interesting, modern and very decorative idea for interior design. The price of such decorations is also worth noting - slightly higher than the standard types of wall murals, but certainly competitive in relation to tiles or other materials.

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