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The hallway is a very specific place. On the one hand, it plays a representative role and is responsible for the so-called first impression. On the other hand, it is the least important among all domestic rooms, as it is only temporary. In most flats it is a zone developed at the expense of rooms or kitchens, often disproportionate and difficult to develop. The wallpaper for the hallway, however, creates a wide range of possibilities for climate change in this place.

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Graffiti Wallpaper 0123

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Wallpaper Dream Catcher 0426

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What kind of wallpaper for the hallway?

The choice of the right hallway arrangement depends on many factors. One of the most important is, of course, architecture, i.e. size, space, access to daylight or its proportions. An important element is also the arrangement of the whole house, because the anteroom should combine the styles of individual rooms, creating with them a compact composition. Wall murals for the hall should not be too dark, especially if the interior is small or very narrow. A place without windows will then be overwhelming. This does not mean, however, that the motif of a night city or a bridge cannot be used. With dark tones, you can shape the proportions of the interior by combining them with other walls painted in bright, contrasting colours. Another factor that determines your choice is the style of your home or apartment. A modern wallpaper for the hallway will certainly complement the minimalist décor of the living room or an equally modern and functional kitchen. In houses dominated by classic or retro style, the motifs of stone buildings or a funfair will present themselves better, and in rustic styles - the view of a country road. An interesting and fashionable solution are wall murals for the hallway - streets. The view of a narrow alley that runs between the walls of houses also has the power to enlarge the interior space.

Photo wallpaper for a narrow hallway

A narrow hallway always poses the most problems with the arrangement, so choosing a wallpaper for such an interior requires careful consideration. Its task is not only to create a climate, but also to visually modify the proportions. You can apply the principle that light colours magnify and dark colours create the opposite impression. Choosing a dark picture for large and long walls will make the room narrower and longer. The exception is 3D wall murals for the hallway, which present vast landscapes, panoramas of cities or spaces of water or sky. An interesting effect can be achieved by choosing the image of a city situated on a river or sunset over a road. No limitation of the lower edge of the composition with a conventional frame will give the impression that the wall will disappear and the view from the wall mural will "expand" the interior. Photo wallpaper for a narrow hall will also work well on the door. A long street or road will create the effect of an interior open to the outside.

Photo wallpaper for a small hallway

Just like a narrow hallway, a room with regular proportions but small dimensions also needs to be optically modified. In order to prevent the walls from crushing with their weight, you should think about decorating them with images that intensely influence your imagination. The ideal solution will be a spatial wallpaper for a hallway placed not only on one but on two adjacent walls. One of the interesting ideas used by interior decorators are arrangements in which wall murals with a specific range of colors are complemented with paint or other materials in the same key. For example, a small hallway wallpaper that shows frosted trees can be complemented by walls in light grey or greyish blue. The composition of wheat field will be perfectly complemented by green walls. In the case of night landscapes it is worth to take care of a bright contrast, which will illuminate the room.

Modern wallpaper for the hallway

3D wallpapers for the hall you will find on Wally is not only the possibility of juggling proportions or lighting the interior. It is also a decoration that allows you to create any climate. Using a properly selected image you will make the interior move you and your guests to the center of a busy city, to a climatic lake surrounded by mountain peaks or the countryside. Modern wallpaper for the hallway is an opportunity to arrange the environment in which you feel best, combine with it memories or put them as a goal of your trip. Thanks to the paintings you can visit Paris or London every day, go to the devil's mill or just walk down the avenue in the autumn park.

Wall and entrance door wallpapers and wall murals

Photo wallpapers for a hallway allow for various arrangements of narrow, small, but also very spacious or disproportionate interiors. With the right images, you can bring out hidden recesses and corners from the shadows, as well as make the huge empty hallway warm and cosy. A fashionable idea is also a wallpaper for wardrobe doors, especially the one with sliding doors. It allows you to turn an average piece of furniture into a wall of green or open it to the sea or mountain landscape. Narrow streets are a popular motif that decorates wall murals for entrance doors. Thanks to the power of influencing the imagination, they will not only enlarge the interior, but also create an interesting effect of entering the park alley or the street of the old town.

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