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Wallpapers for living room

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Living room is the most representative room in our house. No wonder that we try to make it as functional and visually attractive as possible. Arrangement of the living room should take into account not only individual needs of the household members, but also the fact whether they lead intensive social life or guests visit the living room rarely. If we want to adjust the space to the needs of more people, a lot of places to sit will be useful and the living room can be divided into zones - especially if it is a living room with an open kitchen, where there is a kitchen island or a large table. A properly chosen wall mural can be helpful in such division.

Elegant wallpapers for the living room

If elegance is the key condition of your living room arrangement, let's bet on classic wallpapers - presenting interesting shots of characteristic districts of the most popular cities in the world, architectural details, bridges or buildings. These do not have to be color photographs: an exclusive, sophisticated wall mural looks beautiful in black and white or sepia. Ascetic color scheme of a wall mural for the living room forces to match other elements of the arrangement. In a minimalist Scandinavian style, the interior will be dominated by whites and grays. Graphic wallpapers will also work well in such tones: 3D illusions in an op-artist's version or artistic photographs showing details photographed from an unusual perspective, such as the interior of a trumpet or the construction of a piano.

Mural wallpaper in the living room - arrangement

A wall mural for a living room should be planned on one wall or, if it's a space mural, even on three. However, always the arrangement of a room with a wall mural must also take into account the walls painted in one neutral color. Only then will a wall mural be properly exposed. If, next to it, we used other graphic elements or intense colors, the whole thing could have an unpleasant, fair-like overtone. Excess is not a good solution, even if we plan an interior in an eclectic or ethnic style. We must remember that until recently, many interior designers considered wallpapers to be a nouveau riche element and a sign of bad taste. The disenchantment of this element of interior design was possible thanks to, among other things, giving up the fairground excess, making wall murals for rooms the only such conspicuous decorations.

Vintage living room wallpaper

In a living room in the style of vintage wall murals with landscapes will work well - a stream in the autumn forest, trees reflected in the surface of the lake or... deer on the roar (and a modern version: impala on the meadow). These slightly kitschy motifs fit perfectly into any arrangement of vintage or old-school, provided, however, that this is a coherent and conscious styling. More and more often we reach back to the 70s and 80s, and appearing in connection with the aesthetics of those years of inspiration lead our thoughts precisely to wall murals, wall units and other distinctive furniture such as benches and armchairs.

Panoramic and interior magnifying wall murals

If you want to optically enlarge a room, it's worth reaching for wallpapers based on photographs using a deep perspective, or panoramic wallpapers. The first one is stuck on one wall - usually the one that catches your eye first, when you open the door to the room, or on the wall opposite the window, so that the photograph gets maximum light and perfect exposure. The second one can be planned for one or three walls - like a painterly double-winged triptych. In the latter version, we can really feel in the living room as in the center of New York or on the beach in the Maldives.

Murals with floral and animal motifs

And then there are wall murals for living rooms kept in a youthful, casual climate - in a word: living rooms in apartments for singles or young (spiritually) people. In this case, floral motifs or wall murals with animals are perfect - nothing is so good for improving the mood as a wall mural with a koala bear or... a worried monkey. a worried monkey.

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