Reusable stencils

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Wall decorations are our specialty, and we also love unusual challenges. Cooperation with many companies and businesses has taught us that there are no impossible things, and a product that we can customize directly to the individual customer is a perfect product. That's why the possibility of creating a reusable template has appeared in our offer for companies.


How are our reusable templates made?

The templates are made of 1mm thick APET material. A characteristic feature of this type of product is the presence of connecting bridges, necessary to connect the individual elements of the template. We mount the product on the wall using adhesive tape, and the template can be reproduced using brushes, sponges, or spray. After painting, it is necessary to fill in the remnants of the bridges to connect the template into one whole.


How to order a template?

If you are interested in a reusable template, please contact us by email, as each template is associated with an individual pricing.

Send us your proposal - we will check if creating the template is possible, and if necessary, we will suggest minor graphic modifications that will make it possible. If you don't have an idea for a template, we will be happy to design it for you!

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Delivery time:

We produce templates within 7-10 business days.

Attention! In the case of reusable templates, simple, uncomplicated, regular patterns work best. Also, please note that the cost of producing a reusable template is significantly higher than the cost of producing a disposable template. So, if you want to replicate the same pattern twice or three times, purchasing several disposable templates may be a cheaper solution.

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