Magnetic tapes

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Magnetic tapes are practical and comfortable tools that will certainly prove useful at your home, office or production plant. We offer both multi-metre magnetic strips for individual cutting, self-adhesive tapes and practical magnetic strips. How and where will you use them best? Check it out!

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Self-adhesive magnetic tapes

Self-adhesive magnetic tapes are a fantastic solution for everyone who would like to gain useful attracting properties in a simple and fast way. It is also a convenient way to create practical magnets! After cutting and removing a protective paper tape, you can stick the magnetic strip to any object and then place it on a magnetic surface of your choice - dry erase board, chalkboard or fridge! Magnetic tapes can also be used to produce advertising materials, samples and templates and to create space for convenient storage of information - documents, loose sheets or graphics. This type of tape will also allow you to aesthetically fix posters and photos to magnetic boards and metal surfaces.

Magnetic bands - online shop

When working in an office or warehouse, you will certainly find magnetic stripes useful, thanks to which you can separate space on the whiteboard surface, arrange additional tables and document frames. This is a great tool that will make your meetings more attractive, it will help you to arrange space on notice boards and it will also help you to mark the machines in your production or storage halls. Create, develop, and use magnetic properties to make your and your employees' work easier. In our offer you will find several colors of our stripes so that you can perfectly adjust them to your needs!

Daily work has never been so easy and comfortable. Just choose and order the magnetic stripes you need. Wally online store offers a wide collection of them which will surely surprise you positively!

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