The scratch card world map

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Decorating your walls can be done in many different ways, but certainly none is more inspiring than a scratch map. Being able to scratch off its different areas makes you feel much more involved in discovering more places. It's a great way to document your travels big and small.

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Scratch Map Beer Lover Vip

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Scratch-off map - it's much more than just a decoration

A scratch map of the world or Poland is undoubtedly an extremely creative solution, with which we are able to transform almost any room, giving it a completely new character. Interestingly, in this case, it is also a form of attraction - after all, it is up to you what will be discovered. Depending on what you are interested in, you can choose the perfect option for you, for example:

These, as well as other proposals await you, thanks to which your passion will reach a higher level, and the desire to deepen it will be much stronger thanks to observing every day what is close to you.

Scratch maps for adults and children

A scratch-off world map is a gift idea for an adult, but many customers also see them as a way to educate children. Every child is a little explorer, but he doesn't like to dawdle painstakingly over books. You can help him discover the world with a scratch map of Poland or a world map. This is a great introduction to learning geography, to memorize more continents, countries, islands, rivers or mountain ranges. The child can scratch independently, discovering more and more interesting corners of the country. And when a foreign trip is planned, he can learn about the location of a place on the map and become interested in the history and culture prevailing in the indicated area. Scratch-off maps contain a lot of valuable information, such as pictures with the flags of countries, so they are a practical and aesthetic learning aid.

A map in the form of a large scratch card is always a good gift idea also for an adult traveler, for whom sitting at home is a cliché and flying around the world is the norm. If there are still some places where your traveler friend hasn't been, the map can be another motivation and a hint of where else to go. A stylishly framed scratch map will be the perfect gadget for a globetrotter's apartment.

Scratch maps - for whom?

A scratch map in a frame or glued to the wall is an ingenious way to arrange a room: living room, dining room, bedroom or child's corner. Not only does it serve as a decoration, but it can also be used to educate and provide an excuse to reminisce about your travels or to plan your next trip around the world or our country. Thanks to the scratchable map, the decoration is interactive, and its final appearance depends on how we spend our free time while traveling, where we go and whether we remember to mark each place we visit by gently rubbing off a layer of paint. In this way we will discover what is hiding under the scratchboard, giving the map a new meaning.

We can buy a scratch map not only for ourselves, but quietly give it to friends, children and parents, people for whom travel and interesting additions to the apartment, combining with their passion, will give them great joy. A scratch map can also be a nice gift for a young couple who have been brought together by a passion for sightseeing. Let them hang the map on the wall and discover more interesting places together.

How to use scratch maps?

You can hang the scratch map on any wall, on a cabinet, refrigerator, anywhere you can reach it and occasionally scratch off the paint covering it to discover interesting places and information. You can hang it like a poster or in a frame, scratch it with your fingernail, a plastic payment or gift card, you can use a regular or souvenir coin. For scratching a scratch map of the world, a guitar pen can also be useful, and for discovering more detailed information, a simple wooden toothpick. To keep the scratch map as a decoration for a long time, however, it is necessary to use it gently and avoid sharp metal tools such as scissors, knives, pins, needles and paper clips when scratching.

An original decoration for any type of room

Although a scratch map of the world or Poland can be stored in a tube, its purpose is for an exposed wall. When it hangs over the sofa in the living room, the bed in the bedroom, over the table in the kitchen or in the child's room, you can enjoy its beauty and scratch all the places you want to visit or have already visited on a regular basis. After all, the scratch map is an interactive decoration, a unique addition to your home. It looks great in any interior, those decorated in Scandinavian, retro, modern, classic and loft styles.

See what we have prepared for you - scratch map and many other proposals

If you want to decorate your wall with a unique poster, and you are a flesh-and-blood traveler or a lover of flying around the world, buying a scratch map will certainly be the right choice. In our Wally wall decoration store, there are multicolored, black and white and monochromatic maps of the world and Poland to hang directly on the wall, in the form of a poster or a framed picture. However, before you make your final decision, we encourage you to take a look at other proposals including: maps stickers, maps stencils and maps wallpaper.

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